Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D, Revolutionary New Item For Exquisite Skin

 Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D is the new ultimate luxury facial mask designed to envelope the entire face in a three-dimensional sheet. It replenishes the skin with moisture equivalent to a full bottle of beauty essence.

Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D 35ml x 6 sheets per box at RM 400
Provides immediate moisturizing care across all areas of concern

Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D envelopes the entire face in a three-dimensional sheet and adheres snugly to every facial curve. This includes all areas of concern such as the nostrils and nasolabial folds which normal facial mask couldn’t cover. Moisturizing ingredients are delivered to the neck area as well as the forehead. It is newly formulated with Double Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizer), a combination of super-low-molecular-weight hyaluron with excellent permeation and high-molecular-weight hyaluron, that forms a moisturizing veil on the skin.


Special moisture-retaining new ingredient - Raffinose

Every piece of Kanebo Impress Concentrate Mask 3D contains the same amount of ingredients as one bottle (35mL) of anti-aging serum. Through the moisture-retaining effect of Raffinose - a polysaccharide derived from starch, keeps skin hydrated for hours. This special and ultimately luxurious moisturizing facial mask from Impress immediately awakens resilience and clarity for an ideal skin condition.

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