Review Week 2: Yen’s 30 days Beautiful Metamorphosis with Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest

I am now into my week 2 of Yen’s 30 days Beautiful Metamorphosis. It has become my daily routine that I drink a bottle Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest every night before I go to bed. Time flies so fast when we are really busy. Sometimes feel tired when I reached home but after a soundly sleep at night with Yen’s bird nest I managed to keep my energy level at tip top condition the next day. Still have the cheerfulness smiles…

This week I began to see some improvements on my skin conditions. I use to have dry lips and sometimes chapped lips too. Well, now no more dry lips. Besides this my fingers also don’t feel that dry anymore. Overall, my skin became more supple and moist. Thanks to Yen.

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