How To Deep Clean Your House In 7 Days mother, ex, or boss just called and said they would be coming to see you next week? You didn’t expect the news. Besides, you can’t tell them not to come.  It’s been a month since you did a thorough cleaning; what’s next? It’s time to give your house a deep cleaning starting from the top to the bottom.

Day 1: Dust the ceiling, Light Fixtures, and Fans

Visitors look at every corner of your house. Sometimes they’re just excited because of being there, and their eyes will bump on everything around them. Avoid the shame and embarrassment by cleaning away all the cobwebs.

While at it, clean the fans and light fixtures. Fans are a hiding place of dust and can cause respiratory diseases, especially in summer. Hence, clean them effectively. After dusting, if they are too dirty, get a ladder and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Day 2: Blinds and Drapes

Blinds tend to hide lots of dust, which also hinders good natural lighting from entering your home. Therefore, deep a cotton towel in soapy water and wipe the blinds from one end to the other. Rinse with clean water and leave them to dry. Alternatively, dry them with a dry cotton cloth. Next, remove the dirty drapes and replace them with clean ones.

Day 3: Bedroom

There’s a lot to deal with in your bedroom: the bookshelf, shoe rack, wardrobe, and bed. So, start by wiping the shelves, wardrobe, dirty shoes and shoe rack. Remove the soiled bedding and neatly make your bed using clean ones. Take all the dirty clothes and bedding to the laundry. Moreover, you can also visit this website to get new cleaning hacks.

Day 4:  Bathrooms

Pour vinegar in the toilet and cover as you clean other areas. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, wash the tiles on the wall. In case the mold has grown on the tiles, put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the wall.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to wear protective clothing when cleaning the bathroom as some of these chemicals may be dangerous if they come into contact with your body. Use a brush to scrub off the mold on the bathroom wall.

Next, clean the showerhead and countertops. Replace anything that needs to be replaced, for example, a toilet roll and toothpaste. By now, vinegar should have done an excellent job in cleaning the toilet. So, lift the cover and scrub the toilet and then flush. If the bathroom floor is stained, spray vinegar, scrub and rinse.

Day 5: Kitchen

Start by wiping the shelves and counters in the kitchen. Before cleaning electronics, turn off the power.  Wipe the interior of the electronic devices without neglecting the safety measures. Finally, clean all the dirty utensils. Wrap it all by cleaning the sink. 

Day 6: Laundry

Ensure there are no dirty clothes in your house. Hence, clean all the dirty clothes you took to the laundry—for example, the bedding, your clothes, and the drape. If there are toys and doormats, add them to the list.

Day 7: Rest

All is said and done. Tap and congratulate yourself. You did a commendable job.

Rest, therefore, without feeling guilty!

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