6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Book

Whenever we miss the call of adventure, it takes one look at our photos to bring us back to the beautiful stories of our travels. While it's fun to reminisce on these photos on our phone or Instagram, there'll be nothing more magical than seeing them on print. Particularly, on a travel photo book.

6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Book


To make a photo book for your travel photos, you don't need to be a professional photographer or a graphic designer. With a little imagination and your pocket full of travel stories, you can easily make one that can do justice to your memories, your own pieces of artwork and display them on every wall of your home. 

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So without further ado, here are six tips to create an epic travel photo album that you'll enjoy making, with or without advanced photography or editing experience.

1. Layout your story first.

When making your photo book, think of it like you're writing a book. To come up with a streamlined story, you need to plan the flow of the narrative first. If you want some oomph factor to your travel photo book, you need to focus on one story that you want to tell with your photos. 

Is it your nature-themed adventure overseas? Or a local trip around your country? Do you want a tribute to the beautiful landscapes you've visited? Or of the people and the culture you've met? 

Deciding on a story will not only make your travel photo book more meaningful, but it'll also make choosing your photos easier. With a theme in mind, you can easily decide which photographs will contribute to your book's story.

2. Choose your best travel photos.

Now that you have a theme and a story in mind, it's time to select which snapshots will land on your photo book. 

Here's a tip for you to make your selection process a little easier: separate your pictures by folders. 

For example, collect every shot from your phone and camera that includes historical structures/landmarks and put them in a "Historical Places" folder. You can create subfolders like historical churches to make it more organized. Once you're done, weed out the blurry, out-of-focus, poorly lit, and duplicate shots.

While you're collecting your photos for your selection process, don't forget your memorabilia too. Take photos or scan your tickets, brochures, even your candy wrappers. These stuff add more meat to the story. 

When you've got your final selection of photos, go Marie Kondo and choose the pictures that spark joy the moment your eyes land on them!

3. Edit your photos.

Want more pizzaz to your selected photos? Edit them first before creating your layout. It could be as simple as cropping out extra tourists on the shot or adjusting the brightness a little to make the view more popping. 

You can also use photo editing tools such as Snapseed, Lightroom, and VSCO to play around with the filters and such. Most of these tools are beginner-friendly, so you won't have a hard time exploring them.

4. Look for photo book inspirations online.

Deciding on a photo book layout is easy as deciding what your favorite book or music is. 

It's not. 

But hey, that's what the internet is for - to make things easier. 

There's no better place to find online inspiration than Pinterest. Type in travel photo book ideas on the search bar and you'll find an ocean of ideas for your photo book online! 

You can also bookmark the photos that caught your attention so you could reference them later. Awesome, right? 

If Pinterest doesn't do the inspiring job completely, just do a quick Google search and you'll be taken to websites that may have some ideas for you.

5. Choose a font and color palette (and stick to it).

Sticking to a consistent font style and color will help you tell your story better. Uniformity is what separates a professional photo book from those that look like it was done in a kid's art class. 

When choosing the background and text color of your photo book, stick to two to three colors only. Too many colors will make your photo book look messy and may distract the viewer from the actual pictures inside. 

The same goes for your font selection. Choose only one font style for your titles and another one for the texts. 

If you're not sure which font or color pairings work well together, you can check some suggestions online.

6. Include some text in your photo book. 

Some captions to your photos would help you tell your adventure story better. Like mentioned, this is a photo book - words are welcome companions to your photographs! 

Your commentaries don't need to be long or blooming with flowery words. For instance, a simple explanation of what's in the shot or what you did during that time would suffice. 

But if you have the flair with words, then, by all means, let the ideas loose! You can even include your journal entries on some of the pages.

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