The Joy of Syawal Decends Upon @ Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, and Mesra Mall

Month-long celebration packed with goodies for both shoppers and frontliners! The spirit behind the month of Syawal, where Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated around the country, will be captured in the three malls managed by the Suria KLCC Group. Suria KLCC embarked on its Hari Raya campaign on 16 April, three days after fasting began for Muslims as the month of Ramadan kicked in on 13 April 2021, followed by the month-long celebration of Hari Raya beginning 13 May.

Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Mesra Mall, Malaysia Shopping Mall, Raya Decor, Lifestyle
The Joy of Syawal Decends Upon @ Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, and Mesra Mall

Suria KLCC’s Hari Raya campaign that runs until 23 May will bring back the festive mood by maintaining the Centre Court as the centrepiece, showcasing a wooden ‘Rumah Kampung’ inspired by the Terengganu traditional Malay village house.

Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Mesra Mall, Malaysia Shopping Mall, Raya Decor, Lifestyle

This house will be decked with vibrant batik motif and bring visitors back to an era of simple pleasures as the entire area is transformed into a ‘kampung’ setting – complete with chicken coops, swings, a pangkin (hut) where shoppers may try their hand at traditional Malay games like ‘congkak’, ‘batu seremban’ and more as they are surrounded by a network of ‘pelita’ (oil lamp) fencing. The decorations will not only lighten up the festive mood but also make excellent photo additions to your Instagram.

Suria KLCC’s Joyous Raya theme will also extend to those who spend RM1,500 and above in 2 receipts at any specialty store, where they will be able to redeem Raya Packets and an exclusive gift set from Bokitta during the campaign period.

Shoppers will be able to experience further joy and for memories keepsake, the mall offers complimentary polaroid photos by stepping inside photobooths that will provide limited free printouts as well as e-copies for easy sharing.

Ten days before Hari Raya, or beginning 3 May, ‘kurma’ (dates) will be placed at the Concierge Counter from 5pm to 7pm as a treat for those who have been fasting for the day. A total of 100 packets will be distributed daily, limited to 1 packet per shopper. Beginning 6 May, the mall will also unveil its own Hari Raya Instagram filter to enable shoppers to personalise their e-greetings.

As the country goes into a festive mood, Suria KLCC will continue to make the extra effort to honour medical frontliners who have been tirelessly fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. On its part, the mall will provide Buka Puasa meal, Raya cookies and other self-care supplies worth RM20,000 to the frontliners at Hospital Sungai Buloh who are unable to break their Ramadan fast at home due to work. For this, Suria KLCC will work with its F&B tenants to send packed meals to their workplaces as a form of pre-Raya cheer.

Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Mesra Mall, Malaysia Shopping Mall, Raya Decor, Lifestyle


Over at Alamanda’s centre court, the redemption campaign runs from 16 April to 16 May against a backdrop of Raya decorations that draws upon the rich heritage of Terengganu featuring a wooden ‘Rumah Kampung’.

Other than the Insta-gramable decorations, those who spend RM500 or more in no more than 2 receipts at any specialty store may receive an exclusive Noor Arfa batik scarf from Trengganu with a set of Alamanda Raya packets, while stocks last.

Dripping with architectural elements from Terengganu at the Centre Court, as well as North and South Wings, the entire mall is primed to provide many opportunities for photo taking from many location and angles.

As a pre-Raya treat, Alamanda Shopping Centre will give away ‘bubur lambuk’ - a traditional Malay porridge usually served during Ramadan, as a gesture of appreciation to customers. For this, 1,000 ‘bubur lambuk’ packets will be distributed daily on 24, 25 and 29 April, as well as 1 and 2 May.

Beyond shoppers, Alamanda will also distribute snacks and bubur lambuk worth RM15,000 to medical frontliners at Hospital Putrajaya as well as personnel at the police headquarter in Putrajaya.

Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Mesra Mall, Malaysia Shopping Mall, Raya Decor, Lifestyle


Children will get into the spirit of Raya early at Kemaman’s Mesra Mall by being able to take part in a ViKids Raya Card Making competition from now until 24 April as the mall runs its festive promotions all the way to 12 May.

By spending just RM50 at any specialty store in the mall, parents or guardians can enrol their children aged from 4 to 12 under the ViKids (members only) competition, where children may submit their artwork for a contest that will be judged based on public voting from 20 to 30 April by shoppers.

The first 30 daily submission will be rewarded with the ViKids gift, and the top 30 finalists will have their work displayed at the centre court of the mall so that shoppers can vote for them. Shoppers who had made redemptions from the concierge counter of the mall will be encouraged to pick their top 3 favourites to determine who will get 10 consolation prizes (each worth RM50), along with the top 3 winners (top prize worth RM250).

In keeping with the Hari Raya celebration, Mesra Mall’s centre court will be adorned with an intricate Terengganu heritage house to celebrate the best of the state’s craftmanship. Shoppers who spend at least RM250 in no more than 2 receipts from any specialty store can redeem an exquisite Noor Arfa scarf, widely considered a premium item, along with the customary green packet.

As far as giving back to the community, the mall will host orphans from Kemaman district to a breaking of fast event within the mall on 2 May. At the event, the orphans from selected schools will get ‘Baju Raya’ (new clothing sets) sponsored by the mall, local authorities, and sponsors.

On 29 April, in conjunction with Nuzul Quran, Mesra Mall will give away ‘bubur lambuk’ to the frontline workers in the Darul Iman Training Centre and Hospital Kemaman.

CEO for Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Andrew Brien said, “We are glad that our malls can usher in the happiness and joy of Syawal soon, in line with the overall resumption of economic activities across the country. As the nation gets on the road to recovery from the pandemic, the Suria KLCC group is happy to play its role in being a safe place for gathering, dining and shopping. In this, we will continue to join hands with our untiring frontliners, while offering attractive deals to our customers.”

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