7 Reasons to Consider Renting Your Dresses

With the amount of time spent on social media, influencers and everyday people alike are feeling the pressure to be more fashionable than ever before. Keeping up with the latest trends can be expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful, but renting can fix all of these problems and more. Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons why you should consider renting your dresses.

7 Reasons to Consider Renting Your Dresses
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1. Saves You Money

If you’re someone who attends many events but doesn’t want to keep buying a new dress every few weeks, renting a couple of gowns per month will save you a lot of money. City life can be costly by itself, and adding on the number of dinners and parties you go to can make you feel like you’re drowning in debt. For example, if you wanted to rent dresses in Melbourne, you would save $1,050 on average per year. That’s a whole 2-week vacation!

2. Saves The Planet

Fast fashion is destroying our planet. Most clothing created by big-box retailers is overproduced and thrown away only a week after manufacturing, which creates a lot of waste in the environment. Fabric production is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution. Keep the planet happy and healthy by halting the amount of clothing you buy per year and rent instead.

3. Saves You Time

Figuring out what to wear every day can be time-consuming, especially if you have a wardrobe full of clothing. You would think that having more choice would make choosing an outfit easier, but it actually makes us more likely to become paralyzed by the amount of offerings. Many rental companies offer a subscription service that applies to the type of clothing you prefer, so you’ll never have to stand in front of your closet feeling overwhelmed ever again.

3. Frees Up Wardrobe Space

Rented clothing will only stay in your wardrobe for a few weeks before you have to deliver it back to its true home. A lot of our closet space is made up of clothing we’ll never wear or use again, or even dresses that you haven’t even worn once. Instead of keeping your wardrobe, give it to charity, upcycle your dresses using some sewing skills, or donate to a thrift shop.

4. Finally Wear Designer

For most of use designer clothing is out of reach. That Versace or Calvin Klein dress you had your eyes on that you could never afford will suddenly be possible thanks to clothing rental stores. Looking the part is essential, especially if you want to impress your boss at a work function or a potential dating prospect. You won’t have to think about your cost-per-wear, regardless of brand, so just focus on looking fabulous and stunning instead!

5. Avoids Guilt or Emotional Purchases

We’ve all been there: we see a beautiful gown we need immediately, but get home and feel instant regret for spending that kind of money. When you rent your dresses, you never have to feel guilt from emotional spending because you can just bring it back when you’re done. Gone are the days of calculating how many times you have to wear an item to “pay it off.”

6. Understand Your Personal Style

Some women can spend years trying on clothing and still not understand anything about what they want to wear or what they prefer on their body. On the other hand, some women won’t take fashion risks because that one purchase could make the difference between buying something they know they’d like and something they’d regret. When you rent, you can test-drive an interesting fashion choice without blowing your budget or being stuck with a hated item.

7. Helps Build Confidence

A dress that you feel great in may make you feel embarrassed to wear once you step out of the front door. Even though you love this dress, you feel awful for purchasing it because you don’t feel confident to wear it out. Renting can help build your confidence without feeling guilty about spending money because you can return the dress the next day if you’re not ready to wear it.

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