5 Flat Iron Tips for Perfectly Straight Hair

Do you want to take your straightening game to the next level? Are you looking for ways of switching your curly hair to rock straight hair temporarily? The fantastic thing about it is that you don't have to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners. You only need to follow a few steps and techniques to achieve sleek straight hair.

5 Flat Iron Tips for Perfectly Straight Hair
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Tips for Perfectly Straight Hair Straight Hair With Flat Iron

Here are some of the flat iron tips for perfectly straight hair.

Wash and dry your hair

Take a puddle brush and comb your hair before applying shampoo to it. Apply shampoo after combing your hair. Wash your hair gently and rinse it with a lot of water. Apply your conditioner, comb your hair again, and rinse it with a lot of water. 

A conditioner gives you an extra layer of protection against heat damage. Once you are out of the shower, pat your towel downward gently. This will prevent you from enhancing your natural curl.

Rough-dry your hair

Your hair is at its most fragile when it is wet, so rough-dry it gently. Use your blow dryer to rough-dry your hair before straightening. Shake the dryer back and forth over the head until your hair is dry. Make sure the nozzle is facing downwards to prevent your hair from frizz. Repeat the process to remove frizz and curl from your hair. 

Lift a section of your hair with a paddle brush from the underside and apply heat from above. More delicate strands should be rough-dried at least 80% and coarse hair about 50%. This will reduce your time during straightening.

Apply hairspray

Using hairspray before straightening will keep your hair straight for a long time. Spray section by section to make sure each strand is coated. Avoid applying heavy hairspray because it will weigh down your lovely hair and make it soggy after straightening. 

This step is very critical for people with curly hair. It helps in preventing curls from coming back, especially during the humid season.

Apply Heat Protectant

Do not be tempted to use a higher temperature to fasten your hair straightening process, as it can burn your hair or cause irreversible damages. Apply a good heat protection cream or spray before turning on the temperature of your flat iron. The heat protection sprays prevent your hair from heat damage and becoming dry and frazzled. 

Select the right temperature that suits your hair type to avoid unnecessary damage. 

Use low heat on fine curls (93 degrees to 149 degrees)

Use medium heat on normal thickness natural hair (149 degrees to 177 degrees)

Use high heat on coarse hair and curls (177 degrees to 205 degrees) 

Divide your hair into sections

Dividing your hair into sections will prevent your hands from getting tired. You will also be able to work on your roots to ends faster. Split the hair in the middle at the back and bring it to forward this will give you two sections. 

Don't work off randomly, as the straightening process may take longer than you intend. Go for a 1-inch hair section and straighten them one at a time to get flawless and long-lasting straight hair. 

These are some of the simple flat iron tips for perfectly straight hair. Following these tips will help you achieve flawless straight hair that lasts for a long time.

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