Importance of Deep Sleep for A Healthy Body and Mind

Quality Sleep is very important to get refreshment in your body. It is also essential to boost immunity and in maintaining overall body performance. We all know that sleep is one of such things which everyone wants to take without any disturbance. Sometimes, we were not able to sleep properly due to several reasons such as mental pressure, uncomfortable mattress, and many more. But good sleep is very important to keep yourself active and physically fit.

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Importance of Deep Sleep for A Healthy Body and Mind

Sleep has two kinds, one is rapid eye movement (REM) and another is non-rapid eye movement (NREM). If you want to get a refreshing wake-up then you should take the third stage sleep of NREM so that you can feel refreshed when you wake up. This sleep is known as deep sleep in which the body and brain start to slow down and you can get an undisturbed sleep. Deep sleep is also known as slow-wave sleep or delta sleep. But if you are not getting enough deep sleep then you should know the reason behind it because to keep yourself healthy it is important to take 7-9 hours of sleep in a day. When you take deep sleep then no loud noise can disturb you to get up all of a sudden.

Here is a short description that will let you know what happens in your body when you take a deep sleep. It is very important to acquire such knowledge so that you can care more for your body.

What Happens When You Take Deep Sleep?

Certain positive changes come in our bodies when we take slow-wave sleep. Here are some of the process that the body circulates while deep sleep:

● Temperature: When you take deep sleep then your body and brain cooldown by retaining less heat. During that time your body conserves and restores energy. In short, it helps in maintaining and balancing the temperature of your body.

● Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: Good sleep helps in maintaining the heart rate by slowing it down. Along with these, the blood pressure also drops down and comes to its normal rate. Sleep is the best medicine to maintain your heart rate and Blood pressure.

● Hormonal Growth: While sleeping pituitary gland works for human hormonal growth which is essential for repairing the muscle and other tissues. This works efficiently on kids when they take a deep sleep.

               Energy Level: Quality sleep helps in boosting your energy level. This is true that when you are tired you get quick sleep and when wake up with activeness. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the source of energy in the body and when you take deep sleep it works in increasing your energy.

               Metabolism: Deep sleep is also responsible to increase the metabolism in the body. Lack of anything in the body can create a problem, so to maintain it it is important to take a deep sleep.

Stages of Sleep

Certain stages of sleep give you relief for some time and activate your body's energy. As we have already discussed, two types of sleep affect the body in different ways. Now we will have a look at the stages of both types of sleep.

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Non-Rem Sleep

This is known as the Non-Rapid Eye movement. Here are its stages:

Stage-1: In this stage, you sleep for several minutes but in that period your body reacts differently as like:

● The heartbeat, eye movement, respiration season began to slow.

● Muscles get relaxed with occasional twitches.

● The brain waves also start to slow down.

Stage-2: This is 50% of total sleep and has the following functions:

● The temperature of the body drops down.

● The eye movement stops.

● The body system continues to slow down and relax.

● The brain waves also slow down.

Stage 3 and 4: This is the stage when you are almost in deep sleep and experience the following changes in the body:

● The heartbeat and breathing slow down to make your muscle relax.

● No loud noise can disturb sleep easily.

● The brain waves became slow to relax your mind

REM Sleep

This comes in the 5th stage of sleep after all stages of REM sleep. In this stage,

● The eyes start to move rapidly from one side to another.

● You may have to face dreams as during that time your brain activity is activated.

● The heart rate increases automatically.

● The breath becomes irregular and fast.

● The limbs may get paralyzed,

How to Get Deep Sleep

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As we already know deep sleep is very important and we should sleep with a free mind. There are many ways to get a good sleep and one of them is to have a good mattress, pillow, and comfortable bed. The layered foam beds are proved very comfortable for all age groups and people can sleep very comfortably on such beds. If you want to get more information about beds and mattress then ask the salesperson to inform you of all the important aspects. It comes under their sales process to aware them about different types of mattress. Apart from this, there are many other ways to get a good sleep. Here are some of them:

● Make a schedule to take sleep and strictly follow it.

● Exercise and meditation is a way to get deep sleep.

● Avoid tea or coffee before you go to bed.

● Avoid Alcohol and smoking.

● Selection of a good mattress and pillow to get a comfortable sleep.

● Drink sufficient water to keep the body hydrated that is important for good sleep.

● Avoid bright lights and loud noise while sleeping.

● Avoid the use of mobile phones when you are about to sleep.

These are some of the basic home remedies for you if you are not getting your sleep properly. After trying these remedies, if still you didn’t get any positive results and getting difficulties while sleeping then you must consult with a doctor about your sleeping difficulty problems. 

Deep sleep is very important as it gives relaxation to your body. Certain tips make you know how to get a good sleep. Poor quality sleep gives mental and physical stress to the body which increases the high risk of having several problems including blood pressure, mood disorders, obesity, heart disease, etc.

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