How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen?

We are here to help you with the most satisfactory beauty regimen for brides! Let us first tell you in brief what a beauty regimen is. Well, a beauty regimen is skincare, haircare, and overall body care routine that includes changes in your food, workout, and cosmetic patterns. One of the best skin care beauty regimens is to use a microdermabrasion machine to heal all skin problems. Unless your skin glows from inside and outside, most beauty regimens will fail to produce results. Now, delve into the blog to know more beauty regimen tips for a youthful glow on your big day!

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Beauty Regimen Tips for the Brides: When to Do What? 

We will give you a detailed guide on when to do what to glow like a queen on your marriage occasion. Stay hooked! 

One Year before the Big Day 

A few vital glow-up steps that need at least a year are discussed below!

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Stress Management 

If you have a habit of stressing over every little thing, you need to manage that before your wedding day. This step of the beauty regimen will take around eight months to 1 year because stress management isn’t an easy cup of tea. The best way to achieve mental relaxation is by performing regular yoga and meditation. Therefore, you can join yoga classes and fulfill the first beauty regime step needed. 

Get the Appointment of a Dermatologist Nearby 

A skin specialist can help you plan the perfect beauty regimen of getting crystal clear skin before your marriage. Take regular appointments and get rid of pimples, acne, and all other skin problems you have. The wedding makeup will look flawless if you have clear skin. 

Go for Laser Hair Removal 

Going for frequent waxing sessions before the wedding, then again on honeymoon, will take a lot of time. Save your precious hours by choosing a laser hair removal session. The entire process will take around ten months for permanent hair removal. Therefore, start this beauty regimen process one year before the wedding. 

Try Retinol on Your Skin 

Retinol is one of the best cosmetics of beauty regimen for the face. It comes with multiple benefits like unclogging pores, reducing pigmentation, boosting collagen, and so on. Remember, when you use this beauty regimen cosmetic for the first time, you will see skin redness. But it won’t last long. Soon, the results will start showing, and you will glow. By the way, if you have some acne you can use COSRX snail mucin to have clearer skin.

9 Months before the Big Day 

Nine months away from your big day? Find out what to do! 

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Get Regular Facials from Aesthetician 

Regular facials will keep your skin young and glowing. There are different types of facials for every skin type, and your aesthetician will help you find the best style for your skin. This step of a beauty regimen is a must for proper skincare.

Exfoliate and Brighten Skin Using Serums 

Exfoliation is a vital step for removing the dead cells of the skin. When combined with brightening serum, skin exfoliation will give the best results for your daily beauty regimen before marriage. You must consult your dermatologist before selecting any beauty regimen cosmetic for your skin. 

5 Months before the Big Day 

Your body needs at least five months to get toned. Read below to know-how! 

Replace Wine with Healthy Juices 

We know wine is the favorite drink of many people, but you will have to cut down its consumption when your wedding day is approaching. Drinking healthy juices in place of alcohol is a must while maintaining a beauty care regimen. Green juices will oxygenate your skin and provide your body with essential minerals required for a great shape. 

Hit the Gym 

If you want to get back in shape before your special day, then hit the gym and lose a few pounds. You must hire a personal trainer who can help you achieve the best results in a quick span. Working out is a vital part of the bridal beauty regimen routine. 

3 Months before the Big Day

Just one vital step that can change your overall look needs to be done now. Proceed to know! 

Trim Your Brows 

Brows’ shape can change the look of your face instantly. Within the three months, try out various forms and determine which shape suits the best on your face. Get the most defined brows to complement the overall look! 

2 Months before the Big Day 

Do you want the perfect skin complexion on your wedding day? Do this step right! 

Go for Skin Tanning 

Schedule skin tanning sessions in the parlor. Do not keep changing the professionals; let one person do the entire job from the start to the end. The last tanning session for your beauty regimen should be around three days before the occasion. 

1 Month to 2 Days before the Big Day 

You need to do a few things in this span, like hair keratin treatments, eyelash extension, hair color, manicure, pedicure, and so on. A would-be-bride must include these steps in their beauty regimen before the wedding.

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We hope this guide will help you ace the most effective beauty regimen routine before marriage. Ensure you pay special attention to your diet, exercise, and skincare, as they are the core of the entire beauty regimen glow-up process. So, when is your wedding day and how are you preparing for it? Do tell us!

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