3 Household Chores That Are Also A Great Workout

For many busy parents, it can be challenging to find a way to accomplish everything that needs to get taken care of at home and at work while also finding time to get in a good workout on a regular basis. But luckily, some of the work you’re doing around the house will get your body moving enough to take the place of some of these workouts. 

3 Household Chores That Are Also A Great Workout
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To help you see how this can be done, here are three household chores that are also a great workout. 

Yard Work 

In addition to getting you out of the house and allowing you to breathe some fresh air and get a little more vitamin D, doing yard work can also be a great workout. So if you’re wanting to workout but also see that your yard needs some work done on it, you can kill two birds with one stone. 

According to Pete Williams, a contributor to Men’s Journal, some of the best yard work for getting some added exercise include pruning trees, raking up leaves, weeding, and mulching. If you have a lawn mower, pushing that around your yard as you cut the grass can also be a great workout. All of these chores get your body moving while also working out smaller muscles as well, including both your arms and your legs. 

Wash And Detail Your Car 

If you’ve noticed that your car is dirtier than you’d like but you haven’t found the time to get it professionally washed or detailed, doing this yourself is a great way to get some exercise while saving a bit of money, too. 

When you wash your car, Andreana Lefton, a contributor to BobVila.com, shares that really doing adeep clean is when you’ll get the most benefit to your body. Doing things like getting on your tip-toes to clean the roof and hood, squatting to clean the rims and tires, and holding a small vacuum to detail the interior will all help you burn calories while getting your car cleaner. 

Paint Or Wash Walls 

Another household chore that you likely don’t do often but that can be great for your body is washing and painting your walls. 

According to Catherine Holecko, a contributor to Very Well Family, painting the walls of your house is a great way to get a workout of your chest, shoulders, and arms. And once you start doing all the trim, you’ll either be reaching up to get the high areas or squatting low to get the lower areas, which can bring your legs into the mix, too. 

If you can’t fit in doing your daily chores and getting a workout, consider doing some of the household chores mentioned above to take care of both tasks simultaneously.

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