How To Get Relief From Back Pain

One major reason many people suffer from back pain is as a result of bad posture. Not only will a lot of loads be placed on the spine due to bad posture, but the tissues of the lower back will start weakening as well.

How To Get Relief From Back Pain, Back Pain Relief, Back Pain Tips, Health
How To Get Relief From Back Pain
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A close examination will show that the discs, intricate network of muscles, as well as the joints in the back, are pushed beyond their limit. When this happens, you will experience some pains in your back.

Back pain is not something to be toyed with because it can lead to other serious health issues. This is why you must start tackling the pain with back straighteners we swear by without wasting time. You can also consider taking physical therapy to alleviate back pain. AmeriCare in NJ is one of the best PT centers going around with trained doctors and therapists who specialize in conditions like this.

How does bad posture lead to back pain?

Incorrect or poor posture triggers different areas of stress that are found inside your muscle tissue, discs, and lumbar facets of the spinal joints.

There are various ways bad posture can lead to back pain, however, we shall be looking at the most common ones.

With that said, here are ways a bad posture can cause you back pain:

Poor sitting position

When your back is not properly supported when sitting down for a long time, you may start experiencing back pain. What happens is that the spine is bent and with time may place a lot of load on the spinal discs.

Reading while lying on your belly

If you have a habit of reading on your belly or working on your laptop in this position, you may want to have to rethink. This position can extend the hip and lower back excessively and will alter your lower spinal curve dynamics leading to pain.

Hunching while sitting or standing

Many people hunch when they are sitting or standing. If this becomes a habit, the abdominal muscles, back and core will become strained. The pain resulting from this is due to the reduced blood supply, weakness, and stiffness from the lower back and in the trunk.

Poor lifting position

When lifting a heavy item, you ought to bend at the knees and not the waist or back. But the reverse is usually the case with many people. Poor lifting techniques can cause the lumbar disc to herniate. You then start experiencing pain in your lower back. For some people, the pain may even radiate all the way to the leg.

How to correct poor posture

The good news is that once you begin to correct your posture, you will start noticing some relief almost instantly. Here are some ways you can naturally achieve that:

Sit the proper way

It’s important that when working on your office chair, you should ensure that your back is flushed against the chair. Your shoulders should be rolled back with your head over your spine. The shoulder blade should be down and the arms bent somewhere between 70 to 90 degrees at the elbow. It helps to support your back with a rolled-up towel or pillow to ensure that the lumbar curve is maintained. While at it, make sure to get up and take a short walk after every hour.

Walk straight and tall

Look straight and balance your head above your spine while walking. You should make sure that your shoulders are relaxed while keeping your spine straight at the same time. Land on your heel before rolling forward gently when pushing off your foot. By reaching your opposite arm forward, you will be able to rotate the spinal gently and properly.

Lift correctly

When lifting a heavy object, make sure to squat down while keeping your back straight. You then proceed to bend your knees and then move the object close to you. Straighten your knees before attempting to stand up. For lighter objects, hold on to a table for support, bend your hip and raise one of your legs backward. Then lift the object with the other hand.

Providing proper support for your spine by maintaining the right posture whether sitting or standing can prevent you from having reoccurring back pain. If after everything and you are still having back pain, then using a posture corrector may just be what you need.

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