What You Can Expect When You Go To The Dentist

Dental phobia can be crippling for anyone who desperately needs to visit a dentist but is afraid because they do not know what to expect. A dental appointment is just like a visit to the doctor, except it involves someone working inside your mouth. If you needed to have some mental preparation, then this read should help to ease some of your fear: 

What You Can Expect When You Go To The Dentist
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Making an appointment 

When making an Ala Moana dental care appointment, you can ask the dentist about the procedure to estimate the amount of time it will take. Your dentist may feel the need to book for x-rays as well as an examination. If you are only going to have your teeth cleaned, then consider the possibility of whitening or bleaching as part of the appointment.

Fillings will need x-rays that could show the need for a root canal or crown, so make sure that when you are booking your appointment, you provide as much clarity about your needs as possible. 

The day of your appointment 

When you arrive for your dental appointment, the receptionist is likely to ask you to fill out your information on a sheet that she can add to a file for you. If it’s your first time visiting that particular dentist in Coventry, you will need to take some identification to keep on record for future visits. It makes it easier for her to book follow up appointments when they have your details recorded in a file. The receptionist will let the dentist know that you have arrived, and once it is your turn to go into the consultation room, a dental assistant will come and fetch you from the reception area and start to prepare you for your appointment. 


Most first time patients feel the need to excessively brush their teeth out of fear, but what you do not want to do is spend a lot of time polishing your teeth by yourself right before an appointment if you cause harm to your gums because of stress and fear. Give your teeth a gentle brush to eliminate morning breath, but leave the excessive cleaning to the dentist. 

The dental assistant will ask you to sit on a dentist chair for your appointment that leans back and allows the dentist to shine a light into your mouth to assess each tooth thoroughly. What may seem like nothing could turn out to be a severe problem, and for that purpose, your chair gets turned back with you lying in an almost upside-down position. Once the dentist has had the opportunity to assess your teeth, they will explain what they need to do in total, and they will allow you to agree to the procedure or back out of the appointment. 

By now, you would have made it through the worst part of the appointment, and most of the anxiety should have left the room. Dental assistants are a great help in calming you down, and if you struggle to relax a little, you can always try and keep eye contact with them for peace of mind. Some dental assistants allow you to hold their hand during complicated procedures, which can happen to anyone at any age. Highly qualified individuals who attend dental hygienist programs in Arizona contribute greatly to overall patient happiness, and many dentists seek to hire them because of their good reputation.

Going home 

After your appointment is over, the dentist will recommend a course of medication if you need it, or they will give you a fresh set of oral hygiene equipment to take home with you. Your kit can range from a new toothbrush and mouthwash to a gum guard to help you during your sleep or physical exercise. It’s best to take the advice to avoid any damage to any of the work that they just did and act as a guarantee in case you need to return for a follow-up appointment before the scheduled time. For professional advice and more information, schedule an appointment with Piedmont dentistry in Harrisburg.

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