5 Exercises You Can Easily Do at Home

The past year has thrown into sharp relief how important it is to be able to have exercise options you can comfortably do from home in order to stay fit and active no matter what. It’s also handy to always know easy exercises you can do at home to save on gym memberships or traveling outside. If you have a garden, you can even enjoy home exercises on your lawn, but wherever you have space to enjoy your workout, here are five exercises that are perfect for home fitness.

5 Exercises You Can Easily Do at Home
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1. Skipping

This is a great exercise to do at home (provided you’ve got enough room to avoid hitting any ornaments!) and is a perfect cardio workout. Skipping is so simple and even fun to do and can have you feeling refreshed and more alert in no time.

The benefits of skipping include improved heart health, increased stamina, improved concentration, and improved coordination.

2. Squats

This is a very popular workout move, and it can be done absolutely anywhere, anytime! So there’s no excuse not to, really. The perfect squat will see you engaging your core to keep your balance; lean back as though you are about to sit in a chair but hold your pose and straighten.

There are also many great variations of squats to keep it interesting, including jump squats and sumo squats. The benefits of squats include strengthening your lower body muscles, strengthening your core, helping to improve strength, and helping to tone your bum and thighs.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a fundamental home exercise if you’re looking for an amazing all-rounder. It is an exercise that is going to help strengthen your body, improve your balance and flexibility, but also help your mind and relaxation. Yoga is a great exercise for those looking for an alternative to intensive cardio workouts and want to concentrate more on stretching muscles and treating specific areas.

For those wanting a bit more support from their yoga mats, you can invest in an extra thick yoga mat to give you more stability.

4. Push-Ups

Push-ups are ideal if you’re looking for a good upper-body workout and an exercise that is going to boost your core strength and balance. Like squats, push-ups can be done anywhere at any time, so they’re simple and effective home exercises! To do a push-up effectively, ensure your hands are a little more than a shoulder width apart and that your chest almost touches the floor when lowered before coming back up.

The benefits of push-ups include building strength, particularly of the arm and shoulder muscles, and also help with fat loss if you’re performing push-ups that actively engage the core in a plank position.

5. Weight-Lifting

If you’re looking for a home workout that engages some equipment, or if you already have weights and looking to actually use them, then weight-lifting is easily and comfortably done at home, in any room. Weight-lifting isn’t just for those actively wanting to build muscle but is a great option for improving strength.

Weights can also be incorporated into other exercises, like using dumbbells when performing squats. The benefits of weight-lifting include building muscle, improving strength, and improving posture.

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