Unique Cheese and Jelly Pairings You Should Try

When considering what pairings to bring next to the table, there’s one thing that’s more important to remember than anything else. Even when thinking outside of the box and wanting to have something unique and original, the goal should always be to find a jelly and a cheese that complement one another. 

Unique Cheese and Jelly Pairings You Should Try
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Always try to avoid two choices that are going to try and over power the other. With that in mind, for those who know their way around both cheese and jelly, there’s still going to be an endless amount of combinations to impress both yourself and any guests you might be sharing the experience with. 

Bleu Cheese And Habanero Jelly

Cheese and jelly pairings are nothing new. What’s different in this one is both variables while many other options might be just one new thing you weren't expecting. Many look beyond bleu cheese and think of it as nothing more than the dressing and dipping sauce they know it as. If you are someone who feels that way, and consider yourself a lover of all cheeses, it might be time to reassess your feelings. 

By taking either a salty or peppery blue cheese and mixing with habanero jelly will give tasters the perfect mixture of all things sweet, salty and spicy. By having all of those together, you’ll have the freedom to explore the combination on any type of toast or cracker. Of course there’s the typical crackers and it’ll be perfect there but adventure awaits elsewhere for those looking to push the bounds even further. 

Gouda And Apricot Preserves

When it comes to gouda there are typically two camps. There’s obviously the group that loves the smokey or butterscotch notes that they might find in a perfect piece of gouda. There’s also the group that simply hasn’t tried gouda. With a cheese as good as this, it’s hard to imagine there’s really anyone who has given it a fair shot but still doesn’t like it. 

For the few in that group, as well as those who love gouda on its own, apricot is the perfect addition you didn’t know gouda needed. Having apricot preserves is going to round out, which is what’s needed, the flavors that are already present thanks to its equal parts of sweetness and tart. 

Onion Jam And Aged Cheddar

Beer lovers rejoice as this is the perfect combination for you. An ever increasing trend at upscale bars and restaurants is to incorporate beer into more than just what’s going into your glass. It’s common to see pretzels and beer cheese dip as an appetizer or a beer cheese as what’s offered on something like a cheesesteak or hamburger. 

With putting both onion jam and aged cheddar together on crackers, you’ll be able to have that same experience at home. For the adventurous, you might even want to consider adding your charcuterie staples to re-envision what it’s like to have your favorite night out meal right inside your own home and sharing it among those closest to you. 

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