6 Facts You Should Know About Music Outside The USA

It is well known that the USA is a powerhouse when it comes to the music industry. Much like many forms of entertainment, the United States is a hub where all artists seem to want to find success in order to reach a global market. However, just because they are a loud voice in the music scene does not mean they are the only voice. Here are 6 facts to know about music and its impact outside the USA.

6 Facts You Should Know About Music Outside The USA
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Music Is Universal

Music is universal and speaks to an individual’s soul. It is sort of magical in the sense that it surpasses the boundaries of language. Statistical modeling suggests that 99% of societies have music, according to researchers that studied it around the world. Although the United States of America is a leader in the music industry internationally in modern-day, it is important to note that the origins of music are more international and worldwide. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origins, there is history that connects the genesis of music from different locations spanning from Europe, Asia to Africa. Over time, the USA has developed a sound that has culminated from its diversity and multiculturalism.

Music Is More Than Melody

Music is a multifaceted experience, especially for many different cultures. In the USA, music is mostly a one-dimensional listening experience that is still enjoyable. However, there are many purposes and ties that music has to different societies. Music is tied to religion and religious experiences, having been used in many ceremonies and funerals, has been said to have healing properties, as lullabies, as romantic tools of attraction, and to tell stories. Although some of this still holds true with modern use in the United States, music worldwide over the years has had many purposes. In some places outside the USA, you will still find the music used for these reasons.

Many Musicians Are Bilingual

It would make sense that most music that is produced internationally is created in the language of the country of the artist or singer. This is not always the case. As the music industry spans the globe, many singers and bands understand the benefits of creating albums and songs that translate over different markets. Additionally, most large international artists speak different languages as well. Don’t be surprised by the fact that many artists create songs both in their home language as well as English to cater to a more global market. 

International Disney Princesses

Some of your favorite songs from childhood Disney films may have been performed and sung by international artists, and many people living in the USA might not even know this. Disney has developed its brand to be an international one, slowly catering to a more diverse audience. This is why you might recognize some famous Filipino singers taking on hit songs from the biggest movies, both old and modern. These would include films like Mulan, and Raya and the Last Dragon. Although it seems natural to cast people of color to represent these voices, this has not always been the case in the film, television, and music industries. This is why it is always important to highlight such talent and achievements.

The Influence Of The USA On International Music

There is no doubt that the USA has had a global impact on music, especially in the modern era. Many countries internationally follow the trends of different genres and what is popular, often emulating styles found in the United States. Hip-hop is just one example that has reached many different countries, with singers and rappers adding their own unique language and flow to the genre to create something unique.

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The Rise Of International Music In The USA

Although the impact of the United States is undeniable, it is also important to consider the impact that the global music industry has had on the USA as well. Similar to the origins of music starting outside North America, many styles have entered the mainstream airways in the USA, ranging from Latin, Reggae, to most recently KPOP. Music has always been a global experience as an art that transcended languages, although it has mostly been dominated by American influence. There is more balance in the modern era, as artists from all countries are finding success in local and international markets.

Music is an art that is made and experienced globally. Even though the United States is a dominant force in the music scene, it does not make it the only source of musical entertainment. There are many artists and songs that have contributed to the history of music and will continue to impact the industry as time passes.

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