Best Vegan Cafes in Canggu

Where Seminyak is a bustling town with beach clubs and a wild nightlife, Canggu is for travellers who enjoy hip cafes, trendy stores, and a more laid-back beach life. Located not too far from Seminyak, Canggu is known for its surf waves at Batu Bolong or Echo Beach, a slew of vegan cafes, and a slurry of beachfront villas. 

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Canggu is a hipster dream where you can surf all day and dance all night. You have Finn’s Beach Club, one of the most popular on the island, where you can grab some drinks and watch the sunset. If you’re looking for vegan food, there’s no better place than Canggu! Home to delicious and fresh fruit bowls, juice bars, and decadent vegan Indonesian food, you’ll find the choicest buffet to sample from.

These are some of the best vegan cafes that you’ll easily find around your Canggu villa 

Samadi Kitchen Lab

The organic kitchen at Samadi Bali is perfectly suited to taste buds that enjoy a simple, hearty, and healthy meal. With ingredients sourced from local farmers, you have the best food made ethically. Also a wellness centre, you can indulge in yoga or spa treatments followed by an unforgettable meal. Some of the dishes you can try from their Organic Kitchen menu are the vegan pancakes with herbed coconut, watercress, avocado and more goodness. Samadi Bali is a wholesome experience you will never forget. 

Café Organic

Café Organic in Batu Bolong serves a mean breakfast and lunch menu packed with wholesome ingredients and organic treats. From lovers pancakes and Uluwatu omelettes to smashed avo on rye or sourdough, and some chocotella toast, you will leave Café Organic with a full stomach and a satisfied soul. Try their berry smoothies or shakes with your choice of milk (oat, coconut, or even bonsoy) for some delicious flavours. Shop at their local store for sustainable t-shirts, bamboo straws, and ground coffee, among other things.   

Oma Jamu

Value for money and a healthy diet are offered at Oma Jamu, a quaint, homely café in Canggu. Oma Jamu serves yummy vegan Indonesian food at cheap prices. From vegetable cutlets and tofu bars to nasi goreng, you can pick any number of dishes from about 40 items for a buffet. The food is simple yet flavourful and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. If you’re a kombucha enthusiast, head to their grocery shop to buy some homebrewed kombucha and a selection of fresh juices.  

Manggis Canggu

An Asian fusion restaurant/café in Canggu, Manggis is a family-owned establishment serving plant-based food infused with rich flavours. Every bit of the restaurant has been designed and curated by friends and family using locally-sourced, reclaimed materials. Some dishes on their menu are the tofu hollandaise, mango smoothie bowls,  Indonesian satay, Shirataki ramen, and espresso avocado. Rest assured you will be leaving with a well-nourished stomach.  

The Shady Shack

When in Canggu, you can’t miss the rice field view enjoyed over a scrumptious meal of vegan wraps and burgers. Follow it up with some freshly brewed café and you have yourself a merry time. At Shady Shack Bali, you can have all this and so much more. A popular joint in Canggu, Shady Shack serves delicious meals such as the red rice nasi goreng, haloumi bowls, and refreshing smoothies packed with all the good stuff. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for the nutritious flavours. Enjoy the view of the sprawling rice fields while nibbling on some peanut butter and jelly cookies—all vegan of course! 

Canggu is many things, and each is special. From the beaches to beach clubs, quaint streets and beach villas to vegan cafes and more, Canggu is a place where you can spend your days peacefully and leisurely. Enjoy a memorable holiday in Canggu Bali, visit Tanah Lot Temple, north of Canggu, and witness spectacular sunsets to your heart’s content. 

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