The Four Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Shoes are style and function rolled into one. They can change a look, can change your day, and can change how you feel. An outfit can completely change based on the type of shoes that you wear. Having multiple shoes is just as important as having different clothes for the seasons. Not only do you need a few staples to handle whatever the weather throws at you, but you also will want these five shoes to give you greater control over your style and wardrobe. 

The Four Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Closet
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These four shoes should be in every woman’s closet, and with this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect version of each. 

1. The Classic Sneaker 

The classic sneaker is a staple in every wardrobe because it is versatile it is functional, and it is a great way to tie together a day look. You can dress down fancy wear just as easily as you can complete your day look. 

When it comes to the right sneaker, stick with neutral colors. You can always have more sneakers if you want a staple pop of color later on but start with getting a good neutral shoe that will work with most if not all of your wardrobe pieces. 

To keep them clean and in good condition, treat them and waterproof them, and clean them fairly regularly as time goes on.  

2. Statement Boots 

Statement boots are a must. These can be ankle boots, calf boots, women’s cowboy boots, and so on. Choose a heel that you are comfortable with. When we talk about essentials, we mean shoes that you want and can often wear and for great periods of time. Some are very comfortable with a low heel boot. Others need them to be flat. The good news is that there are options so you can find your style and your comfort and have a great boot that completes a day look or can be dressed up for a night look all year-round. 

3. Heels 

Heels are a great way to dress up, and they also tend to be some of the most beautiful shoes around. When it comes to investing in them, however, things can get tricky. There are heeled shoes that are specifically designed not to be walked in. Though you can absolutely treat yourself to these types of heels, it is more important to start by focussing on a heel you can wear out. Focus on your foot length, how your toes are, and the arch support. Heels can cause bunions, but with so many styles, you should be able to find a pair that look great and are quite comfortable. 

4. Flats 

Flats also come in a variety of styles. You can wear ballerina flats, mules, or sandals. These will be more summer focussed since you typically don’t wear socks with them. With these, you will want a shoe that can be easily cared for. You have so many styles available. TO find the best one, however, you will once again want to look at fit. Consider the shape and needs of your foot, as flats typically offer less support than other options in this list. Always make sure that they are wide enough for your foot, and choose a shoe that has good heel support or doesn’t have a heel at all to avoid painful blistering

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