How Do I Pick the Right Toothpaste? Keep an Eye Out for These Ingredients

Brushing your teeth contributes to better oral health, but only if you use the right toothpaste. Interestingly, most people can't distinguish between valuable pastes and imposters.

How Do I Pick the Right Toothpaste? Keep an Eye Out for These Ingredients 

The next time you go shopping and ask, 'how do I pick the right toothpaste?' here are your answers.

Look for Reputable Accreditation 

Look for an accreditation seal from a reputable dentist organisation before purchasing toothpaste. The Australian Dental Association is a recognised professional body representing active and training dentists. A product recommended by the ADA is fit for consumption.

Contrariwise, it would be best to be wary of products without the ADA's approval, as these could have potentially harmful ingredients.

Avoid Triclosan

Triclosan is a chemical compound that kills oral bacteria and is an integral ingredient of tartar removal toothpaste. The chemical disrupts oral digestion, which is crucial to retaining a healthy gut and maximising nutrient absorption. While such pastes can help in removing tartar, they have drawbacks. 

Using toothpaste containing Triclosan hurts your metabolism, and you might become malnourished over time.

Choose Fluoride Toothpaste 

Multiple studies show that fluoride strengthens your enamel and reduces the risk of cavities. Unfortunately, some brands don't contain this vital ingredient, mostly due to misinformation.

Regardless, you should check the casing to see if your brand contains fluoride. There's a reason why most water supply companies fluoridate their products. Brushing your teeth every day twice with fluoridated toothpaste saves you money that you would have otherwise spent on treating oral complications.

Check for Abrasive Agents

50% of toothpaste ingredients are abrasive agents aimed at fighting cavities and removing plaque. Regular brushing also lowers your susceptibility to conditions like gum disease and tooth loss. However, you need to check the concentration of abrasive agents. The relative dental abrasiveness must be below 70% unless you have discoloured teeth.

Avoid Whitening Toothpaste 

Whitening pastes have high relative dental abrasiveness. Using such products without a dentist's prescription weakens your enamels and increases your vulnerability to cavities and tooth loss.

The best solution to tooth discolouration and decay is to visit your dentist. The doctor has the proper equipment for cleaning your teeth with minimal side effects. Although you might need several visits to restore a sparkling smile, it's safer and healthier than whitening toothpaste.

Overlook 'Herbal' Toothpaste

Some brands coax customers into buying products by claiming that they have active herbal ingredients. There's limited research that proves the effectiveness of these herbal components against dental disorders. 

Instead, use home remedies like saltwater, garlic, and ginger whenever you experience toothaches for pain relief before seeing your dentist.

Consider Your Needs

If you have tooth sensitivity, consult your dentist before purchasing toothpaste. The pain might be a symptom of a dental disorder that needs immediate attention, and brushing can cause pain, swelling, and bleeding gums.

Similarly, choose kids' toothpaste if you have a baby at home. Standard toothpaste has a taste that children might consider unpleasant. On the contrary, kids' toothpaste contains flavours that make the product more appealing to your young ones.

Your teeth can't regenerate once you lose them - this is adequate motivation to observe proper oral healthcare habits, such as using the best toothpaste. Picking the wrong brand seems like a small mistake, but the potential repercussions are worrying. The cost of treating dental diseases is rising, so keep your happy smile shining by using the right toothpaste!

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