Review: Sudio E2 with Spatial Audio, Hybrid-ANC, & VividVoice Technology

Blast the music and work it out! That’s me when I hit the gym, listening to music makes exercise more pleasurable and motivates me to work out harder than work out in silence. My new workout companion Sudio E2 is taking sound quality to new heights with deeply immersive Dirac Spatial Audio and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, combined with VividVoice technology for clearer calls.

Review: Sudio E2 with Spatial Audio, Hybrid-ANC, & VividVoice Technology

Sudio is a Swedish audio brand that specializes in creating stylish wireless earphones with a minimalistic Scandinavian design. They have been featured in GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Allure,, and more with very positive Sudio Earphones Review

Recently, Sudio Sweden launched their latest wireless earphones, Sudio E2 on 3rd of March on Got a unit for myself and I can’t wait to share with you my Sudio E2 Review. It also comes with a wireless charger that works with all QI-enabled devices like E2 or phone too.

Sudio E2

The Sudio E2 is the latest generation of the bestselling Sudio Ett model, and the company’s most advanced earphone to date. Welcome to the next level of sound quality. The E2 us Sudio’s new flagship product

When it comes to earphones, sound quality, functionality, and fitting are the criteria when making decision to buy or not to buy?

Immersive Spatial Audio

Immersive spatial audio Sudio has collaborated with Dirac to bring unparalleled spatial audio to the Sudio E2. With Dirac Virtuo, you can enjoy spatial audio from stereo content regardless of playback device or media player. The solution employs a high-resolution binaural room impulse response technology so that sound seemingly comes from a pair of premium stereo speakers in front of you, rather than from inside your head, creating a soundstage previously unattainable.

Sudio E2 comes with wireless charger "Ladd+"

Bleeding-Edge Hybrid Noise Cancellation

Be prepared to drift into a world of pure sound, even in noisy environments, with Sudio E2’s Hybrid-ANC. Utilizing two microphones, one inside and one outside the earpiece, Sudio E2 combines both feedforward and feedback to give you the most complete noise cancellation possible. Dive in and discover why Hybrid-ANC stands at the forefront of listening technology.

Clearer Calls with VividVoice Technology

Come in clearly on the important calls and video meetings. Sudio E2’s VividVoice technology uses dual-beamforming microphones to isolate your voice and filter out the rest, making it easier to be heard over busy cafes, noisy children, or office chaos.

Review: Sudio E2 with Spatial Audio, Hybrid-ANC, & VividVoice Technology

Overall, the Sudio E2 is perfect for those who enjoy music on-the-go, particular about sound quality, and those who always on the video meeting, or calls. With good sound quality paired, compact, and comfort fit earphones using wireless charger makes it a perfect wireless earphones or probably the best wireless earphones that you must have. 

 The wireless charger Ladd+ that works with all QI-enabled devices like earphones or phones too

I have good news! For a limited early bird offer, the wireless charger "Ladd+" is included when you purchase Sudio E2. Plus you can get additional 15% discount when you purchase using my promo code “Sunshine”.

Sudio E2 is now available in 4 colors such as Sand, Black, Electric Grey, and Jade

Available: Sudio E2 is now available in 4 colors such as Sand, Black, Electric Grey, and Jade

Price: Sudio E2 is priced at RM589

Promo: Use promo code “Sunshine” to get 15% at

For more information about Sudio E2 with Spatial Audio, Hybrid-ANC, & VividVoice Technology, please visit Sudio Website, Facebook, and Instagram #shapingsounds


  1. I bought T2 before this, now got E2...nicerrr!!! OMG!!

  2. Wow... the new Sudio airbuds sound quite promising. Will check it out. thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm a fan for Audio earbuds too , this new design so nice fitting on. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  4. i tgh guna siri ini sekarang mmg best.. power bunyi bass dia heheh

  5. this one even nicer than before.. sudio design and color all goods. im eyeing the grey one

  6. Sudio is getting more trendy and I am loving E2! I want a pair please!

  7. Wow. Sudio design looks cool and get 4 colours! It's easy to carry when you go anywhere.

  8. I am a big fan of sudio. Glad to know there is a brand new design up for grabs. So more choices for audiophiles.

  9. This looks like such a beneficial and good earphones. Can’t wait test it


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