How To Mix Your Patterns For Spring

Pattern mixing presents endless opportunities to play with your clothing and produce some creative outcomes. However, it’s not always easy. Mix patterns like a pro by following some tried and tested tips to turn heads this spring. Here's how to mix your patterns for Spring 2022.

How To Mix Your Patterns For Spring
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● Leopard Is A Neutral

All animal prints, including leopard, count as neutral nowadays. Therefore, always treat leopard this way when mixing patterns, even when wearing a bold and bright spring leopard print. Leopard is an easy-to-mix print that you can pair with nearly everything due to its classic status and neutral colour palette. You can wear your leopard print with plaids, florals, and subtle checks. You can also opt for a leopard-spotted accessory like a pair of shoes or handbag, for starters. Also, feel free to pair your favourite striped top with a cheetah print scarf for a great look.

● Mix Plaid And Stripe Patterns

You can also invest in plaid and stripe pieces from designer clothing websites to mix your patterns for spring, so keep these in mind. For instance, consider buying a bold striped blouse and a plaid pencil skirt. Then, tuck your blouse in and wear a bold-coloured cardigan over it. You can even add a cute necklace to your ensemble to complete your outfit for the day.

● Pay Attention To Colour

Many fashion experts agree that colour is one of the most vital factors to keep in mind when mixing patterns for spring. Pattern mixing typically advocates rule-breaking, but the rules of colour should endure when selecting your clothing. For instance, you can start by selecting a solid base colour like black. 

You can pair a black striped shirt with a black-and-white floral blouse to create an excellent outcome. Similarly, if your base colour is green, you can pair a floral skirt with traces of green with a black polka dot top. Finally, consider layering your print under a clothing article in a solid colour, like a blazer. You can still mix patterns and flaunt your unique style, but doing this will tone things down and make your appearance more consistent. 

● Combine Polka Dots And Stripes

Striped and polka dot combinations are among the best ways to mix patterns for spring. These two patterns are a match made in heaven, and you can pull off a truly fantastic look if you wear them the right way. You can wear a striped top with a pleated polka dot skirt and complete your look with a pair of sandals and a go-to bag. This way, you will go through the day donning something stylish and comfortable. 

● Match At Least One Colour

It is essential to ensure that the patterned pieces you are pairing share at least one colour that ties the entire look together. Your overall style will look more cohesive and streamlined if you do this. For instance, you can wear a striped top and floral skirt, as long as they both contain traces of black. 

● Stick With The Same Scale

Visual overload can easily occur if you pair patterns of different sizes. Therefore, it is always best to stick with the same scale. For instance, if you are wearing a bold tropical print, consider balancing it out with a jacket in a tinier and more graceful pattern.

● Mix Gingham And Floral Pattern

Gingham is a very versatile pattern, so you can use it all year round. Fortunately, floral is also versatile, so these two patterns can combine to produce a wonderful look you can flaunt during spring. You can simply pair a blouse with a bold floral print with a pleated gingham skirt to get started.

● Spread Patterns Uniformly Across Your Look

Clashing patterns may be too hard to pull off for you, so you may struggle to layer a printed jacket over a top in this way. However, you can spread your patterns out more evenly throughout your outfit if you aren't confident about clashing patterns. Also, choose one pattern on the top and a different one on the bottom for a cohesive look.

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