Different Snake Breeds That Make Good Pets

Even though snakes have become pretty popular in the last couple of years (in terms of having them as pets), it still should be noted that having them as pets is definitely not the same as having a dog, cat, or any other common animal.

Different Snake Breeds That Make Good Pets
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It would be preferable if you have at least some knowledge when it comes to them, otherwise, you may make a lot of mistakes along the way. Remember that these creatures have specific husbandry and care requirements.

That’s precisely why it would be smart to get yourself familiar with different breeds, so you can make the best possible decision once you decide to have one. Today we will discuss the breeds that make excellent pets and are actually not that demanding.

Top Snake Breeds To Have As Pets

Corn Snake

According to some statistics, for the time being, this is one of the most popular pet snakes on the market. It's all because they are pretty docile and easy to take care of which is why many people choose them.

Besides these traits, corn snakes are high-in-demand due to their color combinations, behavior, and availability. Another great thing about them is the fact that they do not grow too big, hence, you do not need to obtain a huge enclosure. 

Additionally, if you decide to breed them, then you’ll be able to easily accomplish that. When it comes to price, depending on the place you’re buying from and the color variation, they can cost from twenty-five to forty US dollars. 

Ringneck Snakes

Here’s another breed that is very popular among pet owners. It’s due to the fact that they are one of the easiest snakes to care for, but sometimes, it may be a bit challenging to feed them. In case you didn’t know, this breed is very social, hence, it would be advisable to acquire several snakes.

The only thing that may be considered as the downside is their lifespan. Unfortunately, they do not live too unlike. Unlike other breeds, ringneck snakes live approximately five to six years, even in captivity.

Since they do not grow a lot, you won't be needing a huge enclosure. Feel free to get a ten-gallon snake tank. When it comes to heat or light sources, it's not necessary for this breed. Just be sure to keep the average temperature of approximately seventy to seventy-five degrees F constantly.

What Other Breeds Make Amazing Pets?

Children’s Python 

This is for sure one of the best snake breeds for those who have never owned a snake before. They grow somewhere between 2.5 and 4 feet, which makes them medium-sized snakes that do not grow too much. 

What’s great about this breed is the fact that it doesn’t require anything too complex when it comes to care and diets. It consumes rodents. They can be perfect pets to those who treat them with kindness and are taking care of them properly.

If you’re looking for a breed with a long lifespan, then you should definitely take children’s python into consideration because it can live up to thirty years and costs between $70 and $350.

California Kingsnake

Now, here's another amazing suggestion for anyone who is inexperienced when it comes to snakes. The word "kingsnake" is here because this breed is known for its tendency to kill other snakes when in the wild.

Additionally, they do not grow too much, approximately three to four feet, which means that they are pretty easy to care for. Just bear in mind, that it can become nippy if it’s not handled properly. 

But do not worry. This doesn’t mean that it’s mean or something like that. It just wants to show you that you should give it more love and attention. When it comes to their diet, fortunately, the California Kingsnake is not picky at all.

In fact, you can feed it with a variety of different foods, such as rodents, birds, lizards, and other snakes as well. 

Boa Constrictors 

Boas are for sure one of the best pet snakes out there. They are perfect for snake lovers who love large and heavier snakes. One of the best things about them is their curiosity and intelligence.

Namely, these wonderful creatures are very expressive and unlike many other snake breeds, they adore showcasing their spectacular personality. So if you are looking for something that’s pretty different from the rest and unique in its own way, then boas must be your next purchase.

Breeds that were mentioned in this article are certainly not the only ones that make outstanding pets. We just tried to single out a couple of them, just to show you that these creatures can be truly loving and kind.

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