The Factors Impacting A Pink Diamond Price

If you have a growing interest in purchasing a pink diamond either for personal use or as an investment, you may be curious about what makes up the price of this appealing stone. 

The Factors Impacting A Pink Diamond Price 

Often found adorning equally exquisite pieces of jewelry like the pieces available in Astteria, owning a pink diamond is a dream for many collectors and even more so for investors. 

This article will dive deep into the factors affecting a pink diamond price and determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment or collection. 

Are Pink Diamonds Rare? 

Pink diamonds are either natural or artificial. 

People may have the assumption that pink diamonds are pretty common, and they can be if we refer to their lab-grown counterparts. Natural pink diamonds, on the other hand, are an entirely different league. 

They are so rare that miners could hardly collect a handful for a whole year’s worth. 

For this reason, buy argyle pink diamonds is considered a highly in-demand commodity. 

What Makes A Pink Diamond Price Expensive? 

Since we have now established the primary variable behind the exorbitance of a pink diamond’s price, we shall now look at the other factors contributing to its pricy tag. 

Aside from a pink diamond’s origin, which mainly dictates how expensive a piece can be, four other parameters are used to determine a pink diamond's price. 

It is often referred to as the 4C’s: cut, carat, color, and clarity. 

The cut of the diamond mainly relies on how well-made it is upon polishing. Many smaller factors make up a diamond’s cut- making it more complex than it seems. A diamond’s cut can make the stone look bigger than it actually weighs and can change how the color is being distributed to the entire stone. 

The color of a diamond also impacts its price. The tone, hue, and saturation determine the exact color of the pink diamond. For example, it can have a secondary hue that affects its overall color. 

Carat or the diamond’s weight is also a huge contributor to its price. Simply put, the larger the stone is, the more you will see a significant price increase attached to it. 

Lastly, clarity, which deals with the diamond’s reflection is often determined by a professional. Diamond clarity is not something that can be seen by the naked eye and require special equipment to properly regulate its grade. 

Are Pink Diamonds Ideal To Collect Or Invest In? 

As far as collecting pink diamonds go, it is undoubtedly an excellent addition to an avid collector’s stash. You can also treat personally collecting these stones as a form of investment as a pink diamond price is constantly seeing a consistent increase. 

You can expect to have a stable investment when you choose to collect or invest in this type of colored diamond. The key is by finding a good piece, which is usually available in high-end jewellery shops like Astteria. 

Investing in high-quality pieces will give you a guaranteed return on investment should you decide to sell them in the near future- that is if you don’t opt on keeping them to yourself. 

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