5 Amazing Finds That Make Pawn Shopping Worth It

Long gone are the days when access to pawn shops was restricted only to shady crowds interested in illegal exchanges. Now, pawn shops are a great place to shop for fabulous finds and save a great deal of money without feeling any shred of embarrassment. After all, it’s like a refined version of a bargain store.

5 Amazing Finds That Make Pawn Shopping Worth It
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If you are contemplating going to a pawn shop, wondering if you’d even find something good, let us tell you what might be in store for you.

1. Jewelry

Looking for a unique wedding ring? Or perhaps a new piece of jewelry to add to your existing collection? Pawnshops might be your best bet. 

Pawnshops often have a collection of unique jewelry that you might like. From diamond engagement rings to precious stones to gold or silver chains and bracelets, you can find everything you fancy at this place. Some pawn stores may also have a collection of unconventional jewelry pieces such as earrings, antique stones, watch chains, and more. Some pawnshops ONLY sell jewelry, and some host a small section within their store. If you’re shopping for jewelry for someone special, consider going to a pawn shop in Seattle dedicated to the same. This way, you can rest assured of the quality and authenticity of the jewelry you buy.

2. Musical Instruments

If you’ve ever thought of trying out a new instrument but hesitated to buy one due to the lack of discipline in your life, resulting in a string of abandoned hobbies, a pawnshop should be your next stop. 

Instead of splurging thousands of dollars on a new one, buy a second-hand instrument that is just as good. You can choose from an array of instruments of a particular model and in good condition. Once you get better at playing the instrument, you can invest in a new one altogether.

3. Collectible Coins

If you’re a collector of antique coins, pawnshops are a great place to look for currency. While not all pawnshops would house coins and currency, you can find some which collect special or unique coins. 

Since these are rare and collectible items, many advertise them online. Hence, you can hunt for them online and go to the pawnshop to grow your collection. When looking for one, be prepared with some research to know a moderate price range to avoid getting conned. 

4. Antiques

Most antiques are overpriced when listed online. They also come without a warranty or guarantee of authenticity. Since most pawnshops are all about making a quick buck, you can rest assured that you’d not be paying more than required for a vintage piece. For all it’s worth, you might even get a low-priced deal for a unique find that is worth a lot more than its listed price. 

If you’re a collector of antiques, consider going to a pawn shop near you or around your city for some unique pieces to treasure. 

5. China & Crockery

Crockery or beautiful china is often a traditional wedding gift most people receive at their ceremony. However, if you forgot to add it to your registry or didn’t receive your share of conventional wedding gifts, consider dropping by your local pawnshop! 

People often sell their crockery, crystal, and china for some quick cash since they no longer wish to use them. While it may hold value to the owner, pawnshops don’t pay much heed to glassware. So you would definitely get a lowball value that would fit well under your budget.

Like antiques, do some research to find the average range of glassware to know if you’re paying the right amount.

Pawnshops are affordable, exciting, and surprising. You never know what you might find, and there is little to be disappointed about. Try visiting a local pawnshop, and you’d be surprised at the things that catch your attention!

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