Guide for Choosing Wholesale Diamonds In Dallas

Wholesale diamonds can be a good choice since they are more affordable but still the same quality as those in retail stores. However to get good diamonds you should do your part as a buyer by being familiar with oath diamonds, even just the basics. Wholesale diamonds in Dallas are offered by more diamond jewelry stores. So check the stores nearest you and start looking for your diamond but before that know the facts about diamonds. 

Guide for Choosing Wholesale Diamonds In Dallas
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Guide To Buying A Diamond In Dallas

Know Your preference 

Before you start shopping, better know your preference or the one who will wear the diamond. In that way, you will have an idea of what to look for. For instance, know the shape of the diamond you want, know the carat size, the clarity grade, and other details of the diamonds. Make a list of your preferences so it will be easier to describe to the jeweler. 

Check on the 4cs

The 4cs of the diamond include color, clarity, carats, and cut. For the color make sure to pick from colorless to nearly colorless ones, since these are the grades that are considered the best choice. For clarity, the lesser inclusions the better. Choose diamonds that have no visible inclusion if seen by the naked eye. For the carat, this will depend on your budget since diamonds are priced per carat. For the cut, get excellent cut diamonds to preserve their durability.

Choose a Good Diamond Dealer

Choosing a good diamond dealer will be equal to getting a high-quality diamond. When choosing a diamond dealer choose someone willing to assist you until you can pick the best diamonds they can offer. Dealing with a good diamond dealer can help you get a diamond of the best quality.

Choose a Wholesale Store 

Going to wholesale diamond stores will help you save some bucks. Wholesale diamonds are 30% to 50%lower than retail diamonds. Imagine how much you can save if you opt for wholesale diamond stores. 

Check on Diamond’s Certification

Diamond certificates can prove the authenticity of the diamond you will be buying. Legit stores will be willing to show you the certification of the diamonds they are selling. Plus make sure that certificates are issued by legit laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America. 

Facts About Diamonds

● Diamonds are the hardest substance found on earth. Nothing can scratch it except itself. 

● Diamond is usually located 100miles under the earth's surface. They are just pushed into the earth’s surface by volcanic activity.  

● Diamonds are made of only one element, carbon. 

● Diamonds are not only colorless, some come in different colors. The color of diamonds that exist can be found on the rainbow. 

● The word diamond is taken from the Greek word 

● "Adamas” which means invincible. 

● The largest diamond market is the United States. 

How To Pick An Authentic Diamond?

The Best way to pick an authentic diamond is getting an expert's opinion such as an opinion from a diamond dealer, laboratories that evaluate diamonds, or a gemologist. Since they are the ones who can tell if the diamond is indeed authentic. However, there are several methods that can help you pick an authentic diamond, and here are some of them:

Water Test 

Prepare a glass and fill it with ¾ water, then drop the diamond on the water. If it sinks it’s real, if it floats then it’s a fake. The diamond sinks due to its high density. 

Fog Test 

Diamonds are good conductors of heat, so they can disperse heat fast. In the fog, test place the diamond near your mouth and fog it with your breath. The fog formed should disperse fast if it stays for more than two seconds then the diamond is fake. 

Knowing the guide for choosing wholesale diamonds in Dallas can direct you to the necessary steps on how you can be able to find a high-quality diamond. Diamonds are expensive so it will be wise to be ready for you to even start to shop for one. Know more about diamonds and you can find it easier to negotiate and talk with your diamond dealer. If they observe that you know balut diamonds then they will give you their best offer. 

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