What Makes Malaysia a Wonderland? Let’s Be Part of Yuna GALAXY Wonderland Music Video

What Makes Malaysia a Wonderland??? I love Malaysia’s beautiful beaches. 
Why go so far when we have it all here in Malaysia

Isn’t it wonderful, Malaysia has beautiful sandy beaches such as Tioman, Rawa, Sipadan, Mabul, Lang Tengah, Gemia, Pemanggil, Tenggol, Tanjung Jara, Cherating, Sibu, Labuan, Layang-Layang, Perhentian, Langkawi, Pangkor, Redang and many more... My perfect holiday and gateway. 

 Yuna GALAXY Wonderland

Let’s be Inspired by Yuna GALAXY Wonderland creativity. This is going to be a musical journey brought to life on the GALAXY Note II. You and me too can be part of her music video by just submitting your stories about What Makes Malaysia a Wonderland or your inspiration on this portal here http://galaxywonderland.my. Yuna will use all these beautiful and inspirational representations to find her own creative spark to write a new song and incorporate in her music video produced by Samsung GALAXY Note II.

I am going to submit mine… 
Just click on the link, click on the Start Creating Button, Draw and Submit 

 start to draw now, choose csubmiour and type of pen
You can attached photo, video, text or sketch

 completed mine, press Done to submit 

So you have seen how I do it and my drawing,
now you can start creating and submit yours at  

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