My Go Forth Moment

It almost the end of the 2012, start to flashed back and think of what had I achieved, done, missed out and the list of the things that I wanted to do and wish to achieve but… some I have not complete them yet #procrastination. Well time flies… I think 24 hours a day is not enough. I hope 2013, I can manage my time better.

My proudest moment of 2012 was when I jump with joy at one of the peak in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona in October. Speechless!!! Really speechless at that point of time. When we reached the peak (via helicopter, btw there is no way I can climb there), I was stunned, my eyes can’t blink, its feels like was like OMG!!! Give myself a little slap is this real. Hey I am here, actually standing here, right here, right now and witnessed at this magnificent creation by God. I find myself so blessed and this my Go Forth Moment. I try to Life my Life to the Fullest and Thanks God for what he blessed me. Plus never give up when I face obstacles always keep up with the positive vibes and Go Forth! Yes!!! 

my entry pass to Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 

at Eagle Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
on a sunny and windy day

Look, I just realize that it was so coincident that day I was all on Levi’s (T-shirt, denim shirt and Levi’s jeans of course). Usually, I love to wear Levi’s jeans when travel because it gives me the freedom and flexibility to Go Forth.   

 ready for the expedition 

On the Skywalk, a glass bridge extending out 70 feet 
from the rim and 4000 feet above the floor of the canyon

Viva Go Forth!!! Hope that in 2013 I can hop into Trans Siberian Express and take me from china to Russia go through 7 time zone and cut across Gobi Desert, the Ural Mountains and the grassy steppe of Mongolia.


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