Red Army Watches Malaysia Celebrates Alexander Shorokhoff 20th Anniversary at Sassorosso Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Mr Alexander Shorokhov with his creations  

The watch brand Alexander Shorokhoff celebrated its 20th Anniversary appearance of Alezander Shorokhoff himself attending the 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Sassorosso Restaurant. Together with Red Army Watches Malaysia, the sole retailer carrying Shorokhoff's creations, the Exhibition displayed the many beautifully crafted watches from the beginning until the latest.

Mr Alexander Shorokhov was sharing his 20 years journey 

Alexander Shorokhov loves bringing to life his creations; it has been close to 20 years since the engineer was chosen among a group of young talented Russians (by Michail Gorbatchov himself) to study the free market inklings of Frankfurt and industrial Germany.

A plucky and resourceful Alexander would soon establish himself as the purveyor of Russian watch label Poljot in Western Europe, before unleashing the ingenious movements and dial work of own collection under the name Poljot-International. Making the change to a watchmaker he was able to combine his newly acquired commercial know-how and a natural disposition towards technical design in championing beautifully rendered mechanical watches in a Swiss dominated industry.

Mr Alexander Shorokhov with Red Army Watches Malaysia team

Mr Sugiharto Kusumadi, Ms Julianna Chai, Mr Alexander Shorokhov 
and Mr Soemantri Kusumadi

In 2003, the self-styled watchmaker cemented his status in the field of horology with the introduction by delivering his first namesake timepiece that pays homage to Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky under the much lauded heritage collection. At the cozy setting of Italian restaurant Sassorosso, Alexander Shorokhov himself greeted watch aficionados and members of the media himself in Kuala Lumpur, it was indeed rare to witness the watchmaker himself shaking hands and explaining the intricacies of his timepieces to guest who were perusing the Avant Garde and Heritage Collection at close quarters.

Alexander Shorokhoff 20th Anniversary Exhibition Hall

Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

Alexander flew to Kuala Lumpur from picturesque Alzenau – a little 600 year-old town near Frankfurt – which has become his new home base to be present at this 20th Anniversary exhibition. As the sole retailer carrying Shorokhoff’s creations, Red Army Watches are likewise carving out a niche in the industry that offers connoisseurs a wider availability of variety to choose from.

Mr Xavier Mah, Mr Alexander Shorokhov, Mr Soemantri Kusumadi 

Interesting nuggets were also shared by Alexander as he explained why he chose Peter Tchaikovsky, Leo Tolstoi, Fedor Dostoevsky and Alexander Pushkin to headline the Heritage Series in his aptly titled tete-a-tete session ‘Handcrafted Obsession’. Tolstoi’s  tribute for one is a beautiful gold plated skeletonised chronograph, An ode to Dostoevsky brought out the gambler in the poet, Tchaikovsky’s alarm is a classic number and Pushkin’s addition is a ladies wristwatch with a fine guilloched dial and diamonds on the bezel.

Mrs Shorokhov & Mr. Alexander Shorokhov

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