Be Creative with Samsung GALAXY Note II S Pen and Be Rewarded

Have you try to draw using GALAXY Note II S Pen? Well, I have. It was cool and fun as I can express myself in my drawing… plus if my picture is chosen I get reward. Love to play with colors.

Be Creative and let's start the fun... 
go to this link

Want to know how Shariah Amani find her perfect match?
Jom!!! check it out 

1. Choose one of your favourite artist
There are 4 artists, they are Ernest Zacharevic, Sharifah Amani, Adam C and Razif Hashim. So I am going to choose Sharifah Amani, she is so spontaneous and sporting.

I choose Sharifah Amani

2. Complete the drawing they started
This is how Sharifah Amani drawing and I am going to complete it 
and make it a Perfect Match

I am going to start drawing… the first time when you use the S Pen 
could be a little out of control, practice and play with it a few times 
then it gets better, easier and smoother.

 Tadah!!! This is my drawing. 
Once done and satisfied with the drawing 
Press > Submit

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3. Then wait for the artist to choose the most creative and best picture

oO... we can submit more than one pictures 

Aren’t you want to know what are the prizes?
Here they are… 

wah if Sharifah Amani pick my popcorn picture then I get a special day treat 
at the movie. No play play leh I get entire movie hall at TGV… 
if I win all of you are invited to join me hehehe…


You can also try your creativity skill and be rewarded. 
Just click here and get started

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