Ante Kitchen & Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Someone told me this is going to a Feast for Carnivores…

A few weeks before Christmas we were at Ante Kitchen & Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas. This is my second time to Ante Kitchen, my first time was with my colleagues for quick lunch. This round we have a bigger crowd so it was easier to try out more dishes... yippie its carnivores time.

Ante Kitchen & Bar started on 14th Oct 2012 by a group of six who loved to play Poker as a past time back in their university days. They put their skills, effort, time, money and sheer "can-do" determination – the stake, or in other words, the Ante. This is a fusion restaurant that specializes in pork dishes using premium Sakura Pork ingredients. Also serves a modest variety of mocktails, cocktails, draught beer, a small selection of bottled beers and an exclusive list of boutique wines.

Chef's Tomasco Soup RM12
tomato soup with a mild spicy twist served with croutons

Chunky Mushroom Soup RM12
at first we shared then we ordered another bowl because it taste so good. 
Obviously creamy and full with varieties of mushroom flavours. 
I prefer this over the Tomasco soup. 

 Cod Crab Mesh RM18
A combination of minced cod and crab meat mixed with creamy mash potatoes covered in cheese gratin. Texture is quite thick and cheesy so can be quite filling.  

Crispy Pork Trotter Salad RM21
Deep fried pork trotter slices served with roasted peanuts and mixed lollo lettuce tossed with Thai Dressing. Not many restaurants served this salad, its one of my favourite. CRISPY and fresh lettuce. I like the tangy Thai dressing too.

Smoked Duck Salad RM23
Slices of smoked duck perched in lollo lettuce with toasted almond flakes, pecans and sun dried tomatoes drizzle in zesty dressing. Quite generous amount of smoke duck slices. The whole combinations of this salad makes it very unique.

Ante Caesar Salad RM18

The Real Bacon Carbonara RM26
Creamy pasta cooked along with pork bacon, onions, mushrooms, crispy bacon 
and finished with cheese. This carbonara is a real deal. Ante uses good quality ingredients and cheese. Satisfying... mamamia :)  

 Seafood Marinara RM38
I found a big fresh river prawn! with green mussels and squid rings in 
herbed tomato puree pasta. This taste good also but I still prefer the Carbonara.

Up The Ante Pork Burger RM 35
Must try! The raisins bun is fresh and good. Ante special pork patty wrapped in prime cuts of bacon strips topped with a runny yolk egg. Will come back for this burger again.

Crispy Pork Knuckle

Crispy Pork Knuckle RM78
This is meant to be shared with 4 people and one of Ante’s speciality. Its crispy on the outside and tender inside. Dip it in their in-house sauce make it taste better. Also comes with sauerkraut. Quite satisfying especially Ante’s in-house sauce. 

 Hogger Pork Ribs RM75
Ante’s signature dishes. Charcoal grilled hickory piglet ribs glazed with house made BBQ sauce, coleslaw, potato salad and fries on the side. Can't say no to ribs right???

Chargrilled Pork Steak – Boston RM33
This is Ante’s signature pork chop with berry cream sauce served with mashed potatoes and baked apple. Grilled right the meat taste juicy with the combination 
of the berry cream sauce makes it sweet. 

Gratinated Pork Loin RM29
Grilled tender pork loin layered with sautéed potato followed by mushroom, cheese and cream, topped with arugula salad. Still I prefer the chargrilled pork steak over this. 

Volcano Sacrifice RM30
Grilled lean pork slices served with Ante special volcanic spicy sauce and 
mashed potatoes. This is a healthier version, its lean meat. 
To me this is bit dry and slightly bland.

Iced Lemon Tea RM9, Rosie's Lychee Fizz RM12 and Passion Fruit Mojito RM12 is refreshing especially after all the meaty food.

Cheese Cake

Green Tea Cake

Mocha RM12
I had a cup of Mocha to keep me awake after a heavy meal 

It was indeed a carnivore feast. I will probably go back for the pork trotter salad, pork burgers and hopefully the pecan pie will be ready on the menu.  

Do you wish to try the dishes at Ante Kitchen & Bar? There are something special for Miss Sunshine readers. Get a free cocktail or a glass of house red/white wine from Ante’s menu with every RM100 purchase on your bill from Monday to Thursdays (excluding public holidays). Also on Mondays to Thursdays, no corkage fees would be charged if you Bring-Your-Own red and/or white wines.

If alcoholic drinks are not your cup of tea but do not want to miss out on their Monday to Thursday specials, just speak to the front house managers. They would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests if it is within their capacity.

All you need is to tell them that you have read about the Ante’s in order to be eligible to claim your free drinks. The Monday to Thursday specials will only last until January 31st 2013.


Ante Kitchen & Bar
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 3364

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun from 11am till 1am 

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