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Digital era has changed the way we live, work, play and also the way we manage our finances and banking transactions. It allows us to be connected where ever and when ever we want, borderless and information.

I have been using my Maybank account since long time ago. When Maybank introduced the Maybank2u online banking, I signed up. Ever since then it has changed the way I deals with bank. It gives me a lot of conveniences, advantages and flexibility. I can do my bank transactions anytime and anywhere at my ease. I started by just viewed my accounts and checked my transactions online. From there I began to explore more and more services that Maybank2u has.    

With Maybank2u online banking it saves me lots of trips to bank or atm machine to get cash or deals with all the banking transactions. Now no more fuss I can pay my bills such utilities, phone, internet, credit cards and etc just by few clicks a way. Save me the hassle of wading through the hectic traffic jam, fighting for car park, queuing up waiting for my turn and all sorts of mess.

Strive for Freedom, I can do my banking transactions anytime and anywhere 
at my ease. So more time for myself and relaxation ahh...

Whenever someone whatsapp or email or sms or call that they have credited into my account I can check on the spot, do not have to run to atm machine or bank to check and update my balance. Not only that I can also transfer fund too. This saves me lots of my time and also money.

With Maybank2u I am now motivated to save money every month, because winning start with saving RM300.The more I safe the more chances I get to win cool gadgets from Maybank. Hope I stand a chance. Sometimes I love to shop online for flight tickets, clothes, cosmetics and lots of other stuff and many merchants accept payment via Maybank2u. Perfect! Yes it is secure and safe. 

Flash back, some time ago when I was in my uni days a theft snatched my purse while I was about to purchase my bus ticket back to Penang (my hometown) in Puduraya Bus Station. I was really shocked and I screamed but no one seems to bother because that place was so crowded and noisy. I almost break down and cry. First thing that I checked I still have my handphone with me in my front pocket. That time I was using prepaid line only. OMG! Murphy’s Law why everything has happened on the same time!!! I need to make important phone calls to get help. Found out that my phone credit was zero, I don’t have money and the public phone not working. 

Lucky I have Maybank2u as my savior….and not forgetting the internet access. I ran across to a nearest cafĂ© that have internet access. Login in to my Maybank2u quickly transferred RM30 credit to my prepaid line. Finally I called my friends and called home to inform my parents that I am not able to go back that day, don’t worry and I am ok.

This incident really thought me a good lesson, do not carry to many valuables in my purse or handbag, just take what is necessary and when in crowded places have to be extra careful. Never take things for granted… 

Festive and holiday seasons just round the corner, you might need extra cash for the celebration and shopping. How about Be A Maybank2U Star to win awesome prize in cash up to RM5,000. The unique about this contest is that, you get to create your own ad and be a star. Just submit your story about your experience with Maybank2u.

Now, crack your head and get as creative as you can with your ad. Come out with your own catchy ‘headline’ (maximum 80 characters), choose a great picture of yourself, key in your details and upload your entry. Please read and understand the terms and conditions before submitting your ad. 

This contest runs from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2012. Upload your entry now at to

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