Lovely Korea Beauty Premium, First Korean Cosmetics Pop-Up Store in the World Now Available in Malaysia


A journey of a thousand miles (to be a global leader) begins with a single step.  The Lovely Korea Beauty Premium had its official opening at KL Festival City Mall, Setapak, Malaysia, marking its single step as the First Korean Cosmetics Pop-Up Store in the World. 

Chris Tong, Sasha Bashir, Eugene Lee Jun Ho, Yoon Huei-Ro, Regional Director 
General for Asia and CEO of Korea Trade Center Singapore; Jeff Ooi, Member 
of Parliament for Jelutong; Jang Kyung Won, Director General of 
KHIDI ASEAN; Jang Hae-Ree & Gan Mei Yan

The Lovely Korea Beauty Premium, bringing 12 high quality South Korea cosmetic brands to Malaysia such as Atotherapy, Beauty Club RED, HANBUL Cosmetics, HBMIC, IMINE, KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Kolmar Korea, NeoPharm Co. Ltd, SkinCure, Inc., UCL, WEME INTERNATIONAL, and Zero to Seven Inc. 

The Lovely Korea Beauty Premium is a pop-up store run by the South Korean government. This project is hosted by Ministry of health and Welfare (MOHW), organized by Korea health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and managed by THE SOPS Seoul of VOV Hair & Beauty Sdn. Bhd. 

Chris Tong, Gan Mei Yan & Kyung-Won Jang

This store is a new concept designed to promote exports of Korea cosmetic industry and the country’s top cosmetic products developed using sophisticated technology and quality assurance of South Korean manufactures. The store also supports display and sales of the country’s cosmetics as well as a buyer-matching program. With its doors opened to public, customers are privileged to have hands-on experience to the 12 South Korean cosmetics companies in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.

Jang Kyung Won, Director General of KHIDI ASEAN

Journeying on towards the year 2020, KHIDI is working to be a professional institution that leads the way to the Healthcare Technology (HT) powerhouse for the nation. Working closely with the South Korean government, MOHW and KHIDI, these South Korean cosmetic manufacturers that faced difficulties breaking into overseas markets despite their excellent cosmetic products are able to sharpen their competitive edge in the export market.

Lovely Korea Beauty Premium
Lot G-07, KL Festival City,
No. 67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota,
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak
53300 K.L. Malaysia
Tel: +603-4131 8961


  1. Wow, looks interesting! There are so many good Korean brands coming into Malaysia that we really are spoilt for choice these days. :D

    1. Hi Laura,

      if you are a Korean products fans then you may find many things that fascinates you.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. oh wow..that's interesting.They need to do a great promo and I'm sure there are many people will take interest.It's becoz the unheard brand is not really familiar~

    1. Hi Mia,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yah, need to create more awareness so that more people will know and visit.

      Miss Sunshine

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