Eat, Play and Drive with Nissan Almera. A Food Trip to Melaka

It was a fun saturday outing Eat, Play and Drive with Nissan Almera

A road trip to Melaka to hunt for food... we just eat and eat the whole day. Discovering some of the best makan spot in Melaka like Aunty Koh’s Cendol, Peranakan Restaurant, Nadeje Mille Crepe and Klebang Coconut Shake. 

On early Saturday morning we gathered at Edaran Tan Chong Motor Showroom 
in SouthgateKuala Lumpur

Had my breakfast there, the first meal of the day begins… Done with the convoy and safety briefing so we were ready to start out journey.   
Our team: Simon, Me and Joshua! the 1st car, ready to go yay!!!

I sat at the back, it was very roomy and comfortable. 
Relaxed and enjoyed the upbeat music like a BOSS hehehe...
Simon was the driver and Joshua the navigator busy with his walkie talkie.

Our first stop at Seremban Rest & Relax had a quick break and refueled the cars. 

Eunice and Hui Ping were resting comfortably and posing happily for the paparazzi on the Nissan Almera car bonet. Whatt???

It was a hot and sunny afternoon so we decide to stop by at 
Aunty Koh’s Cendol at Bukit Rambai 

Aunty Koh’s Cendol, Bukit Rambai

Jalan Batang Tiga, Kampung Bukit Rambai, 75250 Melaka.  

This stall is hidden in a small Bukit Rambai kampung, located or away from the town. Although its a long drive I enjoyed the scenic beach, kampung houses and paddy fields. 

Aunty Koh’s Cendol
The santan (coconut milk) and gula Melaka thick and rich. 
So satisfying especially on the hot sunny day. 

Aunty Koh’s Taibak 
Taibak is without coconut milk, quite plain. I still prefer the Cendol  

Finally we reached our lunch destination
Peranakan Restaurant
107, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75299 Melaka
Tel: 06-2845 001 

Nice Baba & Nyonya antic decor 

This restaurant serves traditional authentic Nyonya Cuisine

 Ayam Buah Keluak
The speciality is the dish is cooked with buah keluak. 
It has the buah keluak aroma and creamy taste. I like the gravy, is it moderate spicy.  

 Ayam Pong Teh
The Nyonya signature dish. Hearty and succulent chicken. 
Very appetizing to eat with just plain white rice. 

 Udang Lemak Nanas
Spicy, sourish and creamy to tickle our taste bud

Sambal Bendih 
Steam lady fingers with chilli, onion and lime juice 

Ikan Asam Pedas 

1. Kang Kung Belacan, 2. Peranakan Toufu, 3. Nyonya Chap Choy and 4. Foo Yong Tan
and... this is my lunch 

  After a hearty lunch, the two guys in my team need to take a rest so I was the driver. We were in Melaka city on saturday afternoon, what do you expect? Traffic jam everywhere... ouchhh!!! however, driving on Nissan Almera makes it easy 
and not so tiring with good car handling system and maneuvering.  

Nadeje Pastisserie Cafe, Plaza Mahkota (Mille Crepe / Kek Lapis)
G-23,25 & 27 Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Malacca
Tel: 06-283 8750

Rum & Raisins Mille Crepe
Nadeje Pastisserie Cafe is famous for its mille crepe, a French cake make 
of many crepe layers. I like the soft, fluffy and creamy crepe. 
Its pure indulgence for saturday tea beak.  

we also tried Chocolate, Original, Green Tea and Strawberry mille crepe  

my Malacca Latte 
coffee with milk and gula Melaka

Klebang Coconut Shake
Along Jalan Klebang next to Carltex Station
This is the famous coconut shake and constantly packed. 

The Coconut Shake actually is ice blended with coconut water and flesh

 I had Coconut Shake Special which topped with a scope of vanila ice cream 
and nasi lemak...
we stopped over at the seaside, take a break, stretched, took pictures (of course) 
and ready to head back to KL

  we had our dinner at 
Ria Seaview Village Restaurant in Seremban
90-92, Jalan Toman 5, Kemayan Square, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

so many dishes
1. Thai Style Fish, 2. Buttered Chicken, 3. Stir Fried Brussel Sprout
4. Battered Squid 5. Deep Fried Prawn with Sweet & Sour sauce 6. Sizzling Toufu

my dinner... 
I am so FULL

1. with Charmaine and Eunice, 2. with Hui Ping, 
3. with Eunice and 4. with Simon and Joshua 

Thanks to Edaran Tan Chong Motor 
I enjoyed the whole road trip, discovering the food places and eating with friends 
plus driving Nissan Almera was an awesome experience. 


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