Havaianas 2013 Collection - Fusing Diverse Styles and Fashion Trends From All Over the World

I always feel so comfortable, cheerful and vibrant walking on my Havaianas Flip-Flops, especially to my beach holiday…

Recently I have a chance to peep and preview at Havaianas 2013 Collection. This is amazing, when I step in to the h store in Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru, I was like fusing in diverse styles and fashion trends from all over the globe.

For the 2013 Collection of Havaianas, inspiration comes from all over the world. Fueled by fashion trends and creative concepts from different destinations and cultures, the Havaianas 2013 collection features a dynamic and exciting range of styles to complement any fashion statement.

The event kick off with the Capoeira Performance

Capoeira Performance

Opening Speech by Kho Min-Jee, Country Manager of Havaianas Malaysia 
(Viva Brasil Sdn Bhd)

Kho Min-Jee, Country Manager of Havaianas Malaysia stated, "This new collection is truly exciting as it’s virtually inspired by the whole world. And this is a natural progression because Havaianas, in its own way, has also inspired the whole world by changing the way people wear flip-flops".

Fashion Show 

Havaianas 2013 Collection Highlight

Women: Havaianas Slim Royal, Slim Tropical and Slim Maya

Men: Havaianas Pac-Man, 4Nite and Hype

Kids: Havaianas Disney Princess and Disney Stylish

 Quick Tour at h store, Bangsar Baru 

The fun-filled and fashionable Havaianas lifestyle. 2013 Havaianas collection is a complete treat from beginning to end. Whether you are seeking to suit your mood, match an outfit or occasion, set a statement or trend, or going for a classic and timeless look, Havaianas has an exhilarating full range of designs for men, women, kids and babies.

Havaianas Slim Royal
This style brings majestic sophistication to the Slim style with prints inspired
by Thai Royal Ceramics coupled with metal elephant charms on the
straps. Femenine and elegant, the Havaianas Slim Royal is for the 
ladies who like traditional designs with a modern twist.

Havaianas Slim Tropical
Taking its cue from the ‘Wild Tropic’ trend, Havaianas Slim Tropical features
metallic logos on the straps with lush and energetic prints inspired by tropical
elements. This Havaianas Slim Tropical comes in 3 designs and is perfect
for that effortlessly chic and laidback look.
Havaianas Slim Maya
Part of the Havaianas Special Collection, this understatedly elegant style
features neutral colours embellished with bold metal and resin charms, exuding 
stylish elegance. If you want to make a simple, but bold statement, 
then Havaianas Slim Maya is the style for you.
Havaianas Hype
Using traditional and modern art movements as inspirations, Havaianas
Hype features prints inspired by digital pixels and free-form brush strokes,
resulting in fashionably artistic designs. This is a unisex style and it can take
your favorite casual outfit up a notch or two.

 Havaianas 4Nite
Fun and funky glow-in-the-dark prints adorn this unique style. Perfect for
hip urbanites and party-lovers! And because of its glow-in-the-dark feature,
everyone will be able to appreciate your Havaianas even in the dark. 

Havaianas Pac-Man
Before Angry Birds arrived, Pac-man thrilled and entertained generations of
people around the world! This timeless video game character is featured on
a black sole, bringing the colourful and playful world of Pac-man to life! A
unisex design, the Havaianas Pac-man is a cool accessory to any outfit.

Havaianas Kids Disney Princess
For the first time in Malaysia, the Disney princesses are making their appearance on the Havaianas Kids line. With designs featuring Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle and Cinderella, this style will enchant and delight girls everywhere

Havaianas Disney Stylish
Featuring images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Havaianas Disney Stylish
takes 2 iconic characters and transforms them into adorably chic prints. 

Min-Jee interview session 

  the kids model so cute 


Selected styles from the 2013 Collection will be available at h stores in Malaysia from December 2012 onwards.

1) h Store, 4th Floor Pavilion KL; 2) h store, 3rd Floor Suria KLCC. 3) h Store, 14 Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru 4) TriBeCa, Bangsar Village II. 5) M Women - The Gardens at Mid Valley City, KL 6) Isetan at 1 Utama


  1. Thanks Miss Sunshine! Wonderful story and pictures!

    1. Hi Min Jee,

      you are welcome. thanks for visiting my blog.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. Beautiful store, great selection. Congrats !!!!

  3. Love the 2013 collection! The store looks great

    1. hi Iza,

      me too. I bought one of the Havaianas Slim Tropical flip flop (the orange one). The store very fun & colorful

      Sunshine Kelly


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