Audrey Queen Of The Day 2012

Congrats to all the winners of Audrey Queen of The Day. All of your creative masterpieces ‘I Love Audrey’ and the story behind it were incredible. Let me tell you why Audrey Queen of The Day is a campaign that is not to be missed. This by far is one of the biggest event that Audrey has launched so far with prizes worth up to RM50,000 to be given away wa… When I knew about the prizes I was like OMG!!! Grand Prize is more than RM20,000. The Grand Prize winner must be on cloud 9 hehehe….

Audrey Queen Of The Day 2012 contest started from 7 September 2012 and ended on 4 November 2012. On 30 November 2012, I feel so honour because I was one the voter for this contest and also get to attend this announcement party. 

with Ruby

with Wan Hairulshifah

At the event, I met some of my friends and one of the finalists Wan Hairulshifah is my friends. So proud of her artwork, she won 3rd prize.

Celebrity Emcee and Newscaster, Ms Tiang Kah Chee was the host

All the 5 short-listed contestants with the most creative writing of ‘I Love Audrey’ are invited to this announcement party to be crowned ‘Queen of The Day’. Each of them take turn to present and described their entry form, artwork and share their thought ‘what if I won the Queen of The Day’ with the audiences. 

After listening to their presentation and looking at their entry, we will then give our vote. The one with the most votes will be crowned the Queen. 

 3rd Prize: Wan Hairulshifah

The results… jeng jeng jeng

Grand Prize: Goh Lin Lin (be pampered like a Queen for a Day)
Shopping money worth RM 20,000
Professional make-over worth RM 5,000 (by celebrity Make-Up Artist, Gan Chu Fan)
Pampering session worth RM 1,000
1 Night stay in The Villa, Sunway worth RM 2,500

2nd Prize: Suraya Binti Othman
Luxury handbag worth RM 5,000

3rd Prize: Wan Hairulshifah
Designer watch worth RM 2,000

4th Prize: Hor Li Lian
Luxury Skincare +Make-Up + Fragrances worth RM 1,000

5th Prize: Lew Yee Nee
Luxury Skincare + Make-Up + Fragrances worth RM500

Consolation Prizes x 100: RM 100 Audrey Voucher.

Audrey office has received 20,000 forms which each has its own individualistic and creativity for this contest. The company is overwhelmed with the creativity of the participants including myself. The top 5 contestant masterpieces were good. 

Congratulations to all the winners 

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