The Season to Dazzle at 1st Avenue, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

I am counting my days to Christmas... few more days to go! yay!!!
I was at Berjaya Times Square wow check out their Christmas decoration and 
The Grand Musical Staircase at Berjaya Times Square Central was unveiled yesterday.

Few weeks ago I attended Berjaya Times Square the Season To Dazzle campaign. It was fun and I learned something new. So what is new??? Surprise! I attended a special effect makeup class by Sub International School. The school is located at Level 8. 

Sub International School, Level 8, Berjaya Times Square, KL

Special effect makeup class by Sub International School

Miyuki Ng, SUB International Principal

Miyuki Ng, SUB International Principal is our speaker and teacher. She showed us the way to do a few special makeup effects like bruise, blood, burn, heavy burn, bullet holes and also cut wounds

Ouchh!! This look so real like I am committing suicide by slashing my own wrist, 
if you look carefully actually it is the special makeup effect we tried out during the class. 

Preparing blood, easy peasy just add food coloring, water and 
tapoica starch (for thickening effect) 

 apply glue on the desired area and the dab the cotton on it

apply a thin layer of glue on top of the cotton and add the red food coloring powder 
on top of the cotton then apply the 'blood'   

it look like this, you can play around with different type of wounds 

I am going to show you how to slash my own wrist without feeling any pain at all
~ muahaha ~

How to do this special effect cut wound:-
1. Apply glue on the desired area
2. Dap cotton on the desired area
3. Apply glue again in the cotton to make fix at the position
4. Use spatula to dab red coloring powder on the cotton
5. Mix red coloring powder, tapioca starch powder and water in a bowl until you get the color and texture like blood, stir well. Then use the spatula to apply the red thick liquid on to the cotton and also the area surrounding the cotton to create this effect. 

This special effect makeup is great for Halloween party
Happy trying 

1st Avenue, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

After the makeup class, we had a little refreshments and break. Then all of us take turn to do our makeover and photo shoot at 1st Avenue by SUB International School makeup artist.     

Makeover session by SUB International School

 SUB International Makeup products 

Not only the promotions, there is Dazzle and Win contest going on. If you spend minimum of RM100 (not more than 2 receipt on the same day) in any of Berjaya Times Square outlet. Head to 1st Avenue or free makeover by SUB International and snap a picture of yourself at the Photo Booth located at the 1st Avenue Enterance. Then upload the picture onto Berjaya Times Square's Facebook page and state your voucher serial number. Just 3 simple steps. Go to this link for more information 

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