The Wheels, Subang Avenue. Disco Roller Skating is Fun

I remembered those day when roller-skating was a fun activity to do with friends during weekend or evening. Some of the parks even constructed roller-skating lanes especially for those who were into this sport. As time passed by, many children retreated indoors, choosing to play with their computers instead.

I am not a good roller skater, just play and join the fun. As I adapt to ‘walking’ with roller-skates, I slowly learn to take slightly bigger steps to move myself forward. I must admit that I would be lying if I said I never fell during the whole time. In fact, I fell 3 times… ouch! ouch! ouch!!! But then again, from my earlier observation, falling down seems to be a common thing here. After a few awkward shuffles, one automatically realises that the simple action of walking does not apply when wearing roller-skates.

After two rounds, I decided that it would bring me more fun to just sit at the sides and just let the other people whizz by me. Coupled with the upbeat music that was playing on air, it is quite difficult to sit still. As I observe the crowd, I noticed that majority of the crowd were youngsters who looked barely over 25. Some of them were trying out their rollerblading skills; others just simply looked like they were born with wheels! Overall, I would say that it is good fun for everyone. Definitely will try to make it a point to come back sometime soon... 

If you were one of those who loved roller-skating when you were young, then The Wheels at Subang Avenue, Subang Jaya is THE place for you. Spanning an area of 16,000 sq ft, The Wheels has ample space for both beginners and the professionals to practice and have fun. It is the largest indoor roller skating rink in Malaysia by far. If you think it is just a simple indoor roller-skating rink, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it has also incorporated a fun disco concept to it.

  Inline Skate

Roller skate

Rental of roller-skates are free of charge and customers can choose between using rollerblades or roller-skates. Since it is my first time, I decided to go for a more balanced (but not necessarily easier!) option – the roller-skates.  I must admit, after putting them on for the first time, I now know how a newborn calf feels when it first tries to stand! All of a sudden, any abrupt movements to the front or back will result in a fall! It took me some time to find my balance and to get used to standing with roller-skates. As I inched my way around the skating rink, I wonder to myself how long some more do I have to practice until I am able to skate without holding on to the bars for my dear life.

The Wheels Roller Skating Rink
Lot S4.01, Subang Avenue Shopping Mall,
SS16/1, Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor.
Telephone: 03-5611 3018
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm


  1. it is fun overall...just notice u put up my face there :)

  2. Still open now...I saw from google people last update I want to know still open in 2014...

  3. Still open 2014...bacause I saw last people update in 2013....

  4. How about the charges fees ?

  5. How about the charges fees ?

  6. It was fun time I have been here


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