Reviews: Annie’s Way Sheet Mask by MaskSlim

Annie’s Way began in 2009 from Taiwan with over 100 types of assorted functions of masks and for various parts of the body which include face, eye, lip, foot and hand to satisfy everyone’s special needs.

The butterfly of Annie’s Way logo symbolises the emancipation of a caterpillar which eventually transformed into a beautiful butterfly after putting on the mask. The same applies to everyone.  By applying Annie’s Way mask, having a beautiful skin has never been so easy.  

I have 5 types of Annie’s Way Sheet Mask, such as Moisture, Anti Allergy, Whitening, Anti Wrinkle and Anti Acne. I only use 4 types, another one Anti Acne I gave it to my friends who has oily and acne prone skin to try. 

Reviews: At night after shower I usually put on a sheet mask and leave it for about 20 minutes while watching tv. 

Overall among the 5 types, my favourite is the Annie’s Way Honey Deep 
Moisturizing Mask. This is the most suitable or my skin and it does 
helps to maintain the moisture level of my skin. 

Annie’s Way Honey Deep Moisturizing Mask (Moisture)
This is my favourite, after 20 minutes I can feel that my skin more supple, moist 
and hydrated. The skin no longer feels tight after cleansing anymore. The 
texture of my skin also became smoother.

Annie’s Way Chamomile Tender Mask (Anti Allergy)
This is my second favourite. It is very soothing, I love it especially after a hot day where my skin feels very stressed out and discomfort or itchy. After this mask 
I can feel very calm and comfortable. Its suitable for sensitive skin.

Annie’s Way L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask (Whitening)
This mask makes my skin look brighter a little. Even though its contain 
whitening ingredients which usually quite drying, but this is not.

Annie’s Way Q10 Activating Cell Mask (Anti Wrinkle)
I feel that skin became firmer and supple. Though it says its anti wrinkle but I do not really see the difference in my fine lines. Maybe wrinkles take more time and effort.

Annie’s Way Tea Tree Anti Acne Mask (Anti Acne)
I did not try this because it is suitable for oily and acne prone skin. So I pass this to my friend who has acne problems. After she used it, this is her feed back; my skin are not so oily and shinny anymore. It does helps to subside or control my pimples.  

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  1. the FB link cannot function..Page showing up "Not Found"??

    1. Hi Jocy,

      Thanks for the highlight. Please click this link to check out MaskSlim Facebook Page

      Miss Sunshine Kelly

  2. I love facial masks~~~ ♥‿♥

    1. Hi Bahiyah,

      Great! I love facial mask also.

      Miss Sunshine Kelly

    2. I've been wanting to try Annie's Way Sheet Masks for a while. I've already tried their Jelly Masks, and one of the Sprays that they make (they make three different Facial Sprays). Thanks to your review, I'll be purchasing the Moisturizing one soon.

      I have combination/dry skin, so I'm always gravitating towards any moisturizing facial stuff. During the Winter months, my skin is more dry. Even though Winter is over for now, I'm still stocking up on different moisturizers, so I'll be ready when the cold weather returns.

      Thank you for your review! It helped. ^=^


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