Rene Furterer Scalp and Hair Workshop at Berjaya Times Square, KL

Glad that I attended Rene Furterer Scalp and Hair Workshop that was held in Manhattan V, Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on a Saturday morning. It was a fun Saturday to learn and understand more about hair plus I picked up some scalp and hair massage steps. 

Well, before attend the workshop I have a few hair concerns so I hope to get the answers and help to improve my hair conditions. My hair is dry and frizzy due the perm and coloring. Plus I am getting worried because I find that my hair fall or drop quite excessively, more than usual.

René Furterer’s treatment products are made with plant extracts and essential oils. 

My favourite Complexe 5 (essential treatment)

René Furterer’s treatment products are made with plant extracts and essential oils known for their therapeutic as well as aromatic properties. The essential oils are mainly used for their deep-cleansing, stimulating (warm essential oils) and soothing (cold essential oils) action.

Mr. Damien Tavernier, PFDC Asia Pacific Trainer

Talk by Mr. Damien Tavernier
The workshop was lead by Mr. Damien Tavernier, PFDC Asia Pacific Trainer. He briefed us about the history and Rene Furterer unique and original Method plus the product that suitable for different scalp and hair types.

According to Rene Furterer, “A healthy scalp is the secret to beautiful hair”. Over forty years ago, René Furterer designed treatment products that treat both scalp and hair. These treatment products are rich in essential oils and plant extracts, combining effectiveness and sensory pleasure.

Naturia Gel Shampoo (for frequent use)

Forticea Stimulating Shampoo & RF80 (for anti-hair loss)

Melaleuca Shampoo (for dandruff concerns)

 Karite Conditioning Cream (for very dry scalp and hair) 

A pioneer in hair treatments, René Furterer based his theory on the principle that: “Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil”. This is how René Furterer came to offer a complete range of treatments for scalp and hair.

René Furterer relies on a unique, original Method which offers exceptional personalized treatments for optimized performance.
1. A precise scalp and hair diagnosis
2. Brushing / massages
3. Personalized hair care programs

Lisa Chow, model for the hair demo

Hair Demo Session
We learn the steps for self massage at home, Lisa Chow was the model of the day.

Step 1: Holding your fingers together, massage scalp as if pushing the base of skull up to
the top of the head. Circular motion going outwards should be slow.

Step 2: Holding fingers together, make small back and forth vibrating motions, going
from the forehead to the top of the head. This tones up the scalp.

Step 3: To finish, with both hands flat, press down on the scalp, let hands slide down
from the forehead to the nape.

Brushing is essential. It eliminates dust and hair that is falling out, and restores hair volume. Hair should be brushed every day and before any treatments. Massages bring well-being and relaxation during personalized treatments but mainly promote their effectiveness They mobilize the scalp and stimulate microcirculation while facilitating product penetration. As an alternative, René Furterer also recommends his 3 self massages for home.

Naturia Dry Shampoo

Hair Pampering Session
Practice self massage my scalp and hair brushing and massage using the wooden comb provided. 

Naturia Dry Shampoo

Plus we also get to try other Rene Furterer products. I love the Complexe 5.

Complexe 5 (essential treatment)

René Furterer Complese 5: The Essential Treatment
For Hair that lacks energy and bounce? It is lifeless and flat. Get to the heart of the problem by treating the hair roots with Complexe 5.

Properties: Complexe 5, a genuine regenerating plant concentrate and the essential treatment at the core of the René Furterer Method, is endowed with the stimulating properties of orange and lavender essential oils.

Complexe 5 activates the microcirculation of the blood right to the root of the hair, tones the scalp and brings strength and beauty back to hair.

Games and Lucky Draw Session
There were some mini games, guess the scent and also lucky draws for the participants. It was a fun day. 

Mini games

 Tammy is one of the Lucky Draw Winners

Scalp & Hair Analysis
After the workshop we had scalp and hair analysis to know the type of scalp and hair that we have. We also get some consultation from the beauty adviser or staff what product or hair care range that is best suitable for out scalp and hair type. Mine is Dry Scalp & Dry Hair plus Anti-Hair Loss.

 Scalp & Hair Analysis

  Scalp & Hair Consultation

The analysis reveals the condition of scalp, and possibly, of alopecia, dandruff, redness or irritation. The diagnosis also measures the level of sebum secretion in order to assess if scalp tends to be oily or dry. It also defines hair type (thick or thin) and the conditions of dryness and damage.

 RF 80 Hair Fall Control Trial Pack promo RM 99

Shopping Time
After knowing and understanding our hair and scalp type. What else… its shopping time. There are many value set and promotions going on that day in the workshop hall. We can also use our voucher to purchase the Rene Furterer products.

René Furterer Institute
The René Furterer Institute, developed in France since 1957, launches its first centre at Pavilion KL on 18th July 2008, catering to the Malaysian premium hair care market. René Furterer Institute is a world renowned luxurious hair and scalp treatment centre, with an essential hair care range based on active essential oils and plant extracts, primarily targeting an exclusive audience. 

René Furterer Institute is the first luxurious hair and scalp treatment centre in Malaysia representing an entirely new and innovative concept. The first premium brand under its portfolio, René Furterer caters to a primarily feminine audience who appreciate high-end expertise in hair care using essential oils and plant extracts for a beautiful and healthy scalp and hair.

René Furterer Institute Location:-
Lot 6.29.00, Level 6, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
No.168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel No: 03-2143 9308


  1. Wow, I hope to join this workshop too. Maybe wait for the next workshop:)

    1. Hi Taryn, I think they will organize another round in the future.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. I love dry shampoo when it comes to busy days where exams are all over the place. and no time to properly wash dry hair and everything.

    1. Hi Mary, yup dry shampoo is very handy and convenient when we are busy. But we still have to wash our hair regularly with suitable shampoo and conditioner.

      Miss Sunshine

  3. Yes this yr workshop is soon, check sasa malaysia


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