Carlsberg's "Where’s The Party?" Mystery Party Bag

  Carlsberg Where’s The Party? Mystery Party Bag

Few days ago, I think before Halloween I received this Mystery Party Bag hand delivered to me via a dispatch from the organizer office. 

The items inside the Mystery Party Bag are in preparation for Carlsberg “Where’s The Party?”. According to them the items may or may not contain hints for where the party will be held. Let’s go through the items one by one and see if we could get some clue about the venue…

Glasses – you will need protection from the sun
A fan – to beat the heat and light the party up “too hot to handle”
Snow – if the sun is not strong enough  
Neon light – for when the party begins “i am glowing”
Clappers and Whistles – to make some noise “preeee…”
An extra set of ears – for the night after the party when you can’t hear anything

One more week to go for Carlsberg's Where’s The Party? 
on 10th & 11th Nov 2012

so does anyone know Where’s The Party?
if you know please tell me okies… 

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