Neubodi Milan, Desiderio Collection Invigorates Vila Manja Day Spa with Vibrant Italiano Masquerade Carnevale

Do you know that wearing the right and good bodyshapers could help to enhance your body shape and also smoothes out the lumps and bumps. It gives you the silhouette and make you look good in tight fitting dresses especially.     

 Neubodi Milan Desiderio Collection Launch in Vila Manja Day Spa

Last month, Neubodi the professional line of lingerie fostered to create the ultimate body perfection launched its Neubodi Milan, Desiderio Collection in Vila Manja Day Spa with its eighteenth century Italian masquerade carnival theme. 

Estee Ong, General Manager of Neubodi with the models 

This collection is truly a masterpiece for women to stay true to their curves. It is functional, yet provides women the touch of combined delicate comfort and sensual confidence, with desirable results for the long term.

Embracing timeworn fashionable women and their desired hourglass body form, bodyshapers has been an important edifice of clothing that has survived and evolved many evolutions of fashion trends.

Neubodi Milan, Desiderio Collection comprises of four exquisite pieces; Waist Cincher, Mid Waist Derriere Lift, Hi Waist derriere lift and the Body Sottile. All of which were showcased in an entertaining runway fashion show with models clad in masks and dark hooded cloaks, a unique indication to a ‘before and after’ appeal, refining confidence.

Each piece tailored with excellent craftsmanship; the significant features of ‘Neubodi Milan, Desiderio Collection’ blends its state of art revolutional Italian fabric, a creation of a derma-cosmetic  development that has been clinically tested and proven for its effectiveness as an evolutional slimming ally.

Estee Ong, General Manager of Neubodi interviewed by the media

“We put ample emphasis into extensive research and distinctive design efforts with imported revolutionary textiles. With the use of its microencapsulated fibres, the Neubodi Milan, Desiderio Collection of bodyshapers has the ability to decrease on concentrated and stubborn fats, effectively reducing the ‘orange-peel effect’ and counteract water retention. Rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E, the products are designed to take effect even during physical activities as it aids in cultivating skin microcirculation; resulting in an improved tissue oxygenation, burning fats rapidly,”  said Estee Ong when asked about the uniqueness of the collection. 
(From Left) Ms Thanuja Ananthan, Ms Annie Phung, Ms Carrie Lee, Ms Rachel Tan

  Ms Carrie Lee

  Ms Thanuja Ananthan

Neubodi Milan Desiderio bodyshaper forms a more natural refine body physique. It reduces body fat, cellulite, and water retention as well as improves skin firmness, blood circulation and increase ones metabolic rate. It also relieves back aches, restructures and improves body posture, cultivating a more polish silhouette. With all its notable benefits, guests were all seen anxiously awaiting their turn for Neubodi’s renowned holistic fitting session.

Obtain the complete body envisage, discover the sensuous comfort of Neubodi Milan Collection at any neubodi outlet at your preferred shopping mall nationwide. Retail price of RM368 to RM899 in a wide range of size from M to XXXL. Collection is available in both black and beige colour. For further details, visit Neubodi’s website at or visit Neubodi outlets at the nearest mall to you.

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