Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Ball Lights Up Top European Leagues

Nike Maxim, Hi-Vis ball introduced in English, Spanish and Italian top divisions.

Yo! checked out my previous post regarding the titanic clash Manchester United vs Arsenal happening this Saturday 3rd Nov 2012. This weekend sees the Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball introduced across Europe’s leading leagues; the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga; as the clocks go back in Europe and the winter season kicks in.

The 2012-13 Maxim Hi-Vis ball features a color combination blended together in a unique way to create maximum visual performance and contrast on the pitch. The bold geometric graphic and color combination on the Maxim Hi-Vis creates a strong 'flicker' effect to improve sight of the ball under floodlights or in low-light conditions.

The Hi-Vis ball also features NIKE RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology to allow players to see the ball better and capitalize on split second scoring and passing opportunities.

In addition to the Hi-Vis innovations, the Maxim features geometric precision technology to distribute pressure evenly across the panels for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike.

Additional performance enhancing innovations include:
·         Hand-stitched casing for craftsmanship and durability
·    Durable, lightweight PU casing with micro-grooves stabilizes ball flight to increase efficiency and accuracy
·         Flexible, supple, cross-linked nitrogen-expanded foam provides superior “touch” and a consistent feel in all weather conditions;
·        Engineered rubber response layer helps store energy from impact and releases it at launch for enhanced power and speed;
·         A layer of polyester support fabric enhances the structure and stability of the ball for long-term performance and urability.

Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball will be available at all Nike retail stores starting 
November 2012 onwards retailing at RM369. 

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