Experience the Difference with AsterSpring Signature Touch

I am looking forward for my next visit to AsterSpring… it has been a while since I last visit to facial and massage. I need a good facial and massage to relax, recharge and rejuvenate myself. Blissful…

The newly launched AsterSpring Signature Touch at Actor Studio, 
Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

From: Atilia Haron, Jojo Struys, Eddy Chieng, Group Executive Chairman of EIG Berhad, 
Roderick Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of EIG Berhad, Michelle Lam, General Manager of AsterSpring, MayJune and Thanuja Ananthan posing with their hand stamps at the 
official Launch of AsterSpring Signature Touch

AsterSpring Signature Touch is a unique combination of facial, neck and shoulder massage specially developed to help relieve physical and mental stress as well as boost energy via active circulation. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage accompanies each facial and treatment at AsterSpring.

Local celebrities Thanuja Ananthan, MayJune Tan, Atilia Haron, and Jojo Struys 
appeared at the launch of AsterSpring Signature Touch Launch

Michelle Lam, General Manager of AsterSpring mentioned that with the new 
AsterSpring Signature Touch, customers can always trust them to provide 
result-orientated services with the caring hands of experts

Damien Lee, Group Education Manager of AsterSpring explaining to the media 
on the techniques for AsterSpring Signature Touch

AsterSpring Signature Touch is a unique combination of facial, neck and shoulder 
massage specially developed to help relieve physical and mental stress 
as well as boost energy via active circulation

AsterSpring Signature Touch consists of three unique hand techniques to facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation. 
1. gentle presses on the body’s solar plexus to circulate nourishment to skin cells
2. light pulsing on the face to promote gentle drainage of toxins
3. light kneading on facial muscles to ease tension and promote active circulation of blood and energy.

Fun activities after the launch, we tried Hand Wax Mould

AsterSpring is wholly owned by Esthetics International Group (EIG) which is a public listed company and has more than 60 skin centres in four countries in the region, 34 of which are located in Malaysia.

Their treatment programmes are designed to focus 100 percent on managing skin problems and improving skin health.  Plus it is safe and effective, AsterSpring qualified skincare therapists will only use products that are made of harmless ingredients and trusted by skin professionals around the world.

Among the services its skin centres provide is a skin analysis to help customers have a better understanding of their skin concerns, so that the affected areas can be targeted to deliver optimum results.  Not only that, AsterSpring’s team of experts will also prescribe the formulae that best cater to each individual’s skin needs.

For more information on the all-new AsterSpring centre and its products, treatments and promotions, please visit its website at www.asterspring.com and official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asterspring , or call AsterSpring Customer Client Service Careline at (603) 7809 6666 from Mondays to Fridays during normal business hours.


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