MAGGI Great Tasting Homemade Meals For Happy Families

I am sure we all have Nestle products in our home, it has been our household brand since my young days. MAGGI curry is one of my favourite instant noodle even I ordered that whenever I hangout with my friends at mamak. Sometimes I do cook at home but just a simple and quick meals. To make it taste good, I usually add a little bit of MAGGI seasoning when i stir fry my vegetables or chicken. How about you? Do you use MAGGI products in your cooking...  

A cooking demonstration was held at MAGGI Masak-Masak Studio, Nestlé’s headquarters to inspire Malaysians the pleasure and rewards of cooking using MAGGI products. The cooking demo was supported by Ms. Ana Abdullah, owner of Lazat, a home-grown cooking academy.

MAGGI a global brand that has become a household name in Malaysia creates good-food moments that strengthen togetherness among families. Is MAGGI‘s commitment to help women prepare tasty and healthier homemade meals, therefore MAGGI offers its range of culinary solutions as a solution for women to transform their dishes from Good to Great. 

MAGGI culinary solutions as a way of helping meal preparers cook delicious yet wholesome meals in a faster and easier way with help from MAGGI products. MAGGI believes that Happiness is Homemade, that homemade food and cooking brings families together. MAGGI will continue to invest in expanding its service to consumers through giving meal ideas or recipes, cooking and nutrition tips through its various media platforms such as the MAGGI Facebook page and soon to be relaunched website.

MAGGI Cukuprasa, a new all-in-one seasoning that elevates the taste of fresh ingredients in one’s dishes turning it from good to great. Another favourite is the MAGGI Stock Cubes, widely used to boost the taste of family meals with its rich meaty taste, making every meal a more memorable one for the family. 

MAGGI range of Recipe Mixes makes cooking more enjoyable with its various recipe ideas such as Black Pepper Mix, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Goreng. MAGGI Chilli Sauce is made with fresh chilli from the local farms so consumers can impart the delicious taste of fresh chillies in every dish.

In line with the company’s goal to be the world’s recognized leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, Nestlé has shown strong commitment to focus on consumer well being and believes that good food is the foundation to a good life. This is a journey that Nestlé has made with Malaysian families for the past 100 years and will continue to make for the 100 years to come. 

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