Cellnique Amino Collagen C Essence Review

Last month, I started trying out the Cellnique Amino Collagen Essence, it’s a beauty and functional drink. Collagen beauty drink is good for the skin. If take consistently it does helps to improve out skin condition. Especially for those above 30 years old, you can see the results. If you start drinking collagen or any beauty drink you have to keep it consistent to see the results and also to maintain your skin conditions.

Usually I am quite particular when it comes to choosing collagen and beauty drinks.  First of all I will checked the product ingredients whether it is safe to drink or not. Does it contain any substance which is not permitted or harmful to my body and health. No joke, this is the most important. Second, of course it is effective or not. If it does not show any improvement why waste money and time. Third is the taste can you drink it, does it taste too fishy or like medicine. Fourth is the price, as you know collagen or beauty drink is not cheap in the market, can afford it in the long term or not…

Embark on an early anti-aging regimen with Amino Collagen C Essence which contains 10,000mg of low-molecular marine collagen from Japan. This highly absorbable collagen helps confer skin an extra bounce and strength. While Nano-Pearl Powder contained helps revitalize and retrieve skin a sheer luminosity. With summation of Coenzyme Q10 to lessen oxidative stress, skin regains its youthful radiant and suppleness.

Reviews: I started to drink Cellnique Amino Collagen C Essence one bottle everyday on empty stomach before I go to bed for the first 6 days. After that on the 7th day onwards I just drink a bottle on every alternate day. I have consumed 2 boxes of Cellnique Amino Collagen C Essence in total 20 bottles.

So how do I feel and do I see any changes? I quite like the taste. It has blackcurrant, fruity taste and not too sweet. The texture is not too thick so it is quite pleasant to drink every night before I sleep. After more than a month drinking the Cellnique Amino Collagen Essence I can see that my uneven skin tone improved. Usually I have yellowish skin tone, now it has tone down and became more balance. Due to the hectic lifestyles and lack of sleep my skin became dull, puffy eyes and dark eyes circles getting worst. So after two weeks I can see that this drink helps to give a booster to my skin every morning. I don’t look so rundown when I woke up.

Besides, skin hydration getting better gradually. When I touch elbow and knee I feel that the roughness has reduced. My face also feels smoother and I can see the radiant after I finished a box. Overall, it does show improvements because this collagen has 10 times higher absorption and contains 10,000 mg marine collagen.

Price is RM188 a box which contains 10 bottles. For first timer 1 box can last you about 14 days, if you have drink before then 1 box will last about 3 weeks.

• Boost skin firmness & reduce skin sagging
• Improve skin texture & restore skin plumpness
• Lighten spots & brighten dull complexion
• Prevent aging and soften wrinkles
• Defend cells from free-radical damage
• Nourish and enhance skin’s moisture retaining ability
• Revive and rejuvenate the haggard-looking skin

• 10,000 mg / Marine collagen from Japan
• 280 Dalton /10 times higher absorption
• 100% Pure / Nano-pearl powder
• Hydration/ Ceramide
• 100% natural/ Olive leaf + Black currant + Wild fruit
• VIT A VIT B /Vitamin C Vitamin B6
• Antioxidant /Coenzyme Q10
• No preservative, No addictive, No heavy metals

Manufactured under HACCP and ISO22000 compliance

Recommended Dosage:
Day 1 to 6: Consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach or before bedtime.
Day 7 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.

• Pregnant and lactating women should consult doctor before consuming.
• No reported contraindication, drug interaction and side effects.

Marine Collagen, N-Glucosamine, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Collagen (HACP-U2), Pearl Powder, Coenzyme Q10,  Ceramide P-1, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydraochlo), Black Currant Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Fruits Concentrated Juice, Fructose, Apple Acid, Cellulose, Spices, RO water.

Price: RM 188.00 per box (10 bottles x 50ml)

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  2. Where can I buy this product

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