Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink, Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA and RNA Functional Drink

Are you age 35 year and above? Do you have these symptoms like dry, dehydrated, wrinkles, dull and sagging skin, pigmentations starts to show, slow healing and easily fatigue, body aching, poor joint, inflexibility and perhaps a little bit declining memory? Looks like after 35 years old all the symptoms start to popped up… geeez ;(

 Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink

Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink, eco-breakthrough in anti-aging beauty and health regime, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidizing and enhance immune system.  Studies have shown that stem cell extract can prompt the human cells to turn over faster and helps speeds up the production of the body’s collagen and elastin. It is actually making the skin work better on a cellular level to rejuvenate itself. The plant’s stem cell from Snow Lotus which has strong anti-oxidant and anti-radiation properties to promote healthy cells function and delay aging.

Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink, the functional drink contains Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA, RNA and a complex of age fighting botanicals, to rejuvenate the skin. 

Tavia Yeung, Hong Kong TVB actress and celebrity

Endorsed by renowned and popular Hong Kong TVB actress and celebrity, Tavia Yeung. Ms Tavia Yeung shares, “Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink helps me to maintain a smooth and radiant skin. It also soothes my bodyaches! It is the ideal beauty anti-aging helper for my irregular working schedule!”

 Kinohimitsu J’pan StemCell Drink RM 299 with 16 bottles X 50ml for 30 days supply

Kinohimitsu functional drinks for beauty and health are formulated using nutritional chemistry with 100% nature-based extracts and has no additive, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial coloring and flavoring. These products achieve many certification from hormones free, chemical free tested by SGS (Global Benchmark Recognisation on Quality and Integrity) and Halal certifications. 


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    1. Hi Greg, I am not sure is the product available in US. If you would like to know the price is USD pls check the latest currency rate US vs RM. The product is priced at RM299.


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