What is PTT-6 in Calecim's Stem Cell Skincare?

The beauty industry is always on the lookout for new ingredients, especially ones that help achieve youthful-looking skin. At Calecim, the entire focus is on using science-backed ingredients, even though the results can feel somewhat like magic to the users of the products. The key ingredient, PPT-6, plays a pivotal role in helping achieve this.

This formulation, which we refer to as PTT-6®, possesses ground-breaking cell-renewing and nurturing qualities. The power of stem cells to help with regeneration is already well known in the realm of medical therapies, and Calecim is able to introduce this established technology into the cosmeceutical industry. Every Calecim product has a high concentration of PTT-6®, which is made up of stem cell-derived growth factors and exosomes, which have rejuvenating effects on both the epidermis and dermis.

When we consider the breakdown, PTT-6 contains numerous skin-nourishing elements that are 100% ethically derived from stem cells. This includes collage, albumin, fibronectin, peptides, glycoproteins, exosomes, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients, fully and naturally produced by stem cells, are able to signal skin cells to kickstart their reparative abilities. Skin naturally loses its ability to self-renew and repair as it ages; PTT-6 empowers it to recharge its rejuvenating qualities through cell-to-cell messaging. Each Calecim product is carefully formulated to contain the most optimal level of PTT-6 to maximize its efficacy on the skin.

Exosome and growth factor replenishment with PTT-6® Stem cell-derived exosomes and growth factors are not commonly found ingredients in skincare, and they have extensive untapped potential for advanced skin rejuvenation.

Historically, it has been a challenge to find an ethical source of stem cells that is abundant enough to generate high-quality growth factors and exosomes for cosmetic use. This has been a key issue in formulating skin care products that are genuinely powered by stem cells, due to its scarcity and invariable cost component.

In 2004, Calecim’s parent company - CellResearchCorp, made the discovery of stem cells within the lining of the umbilical cord. With access to this technology, Calecim has been able to break the barrier of supply and tap into an abundant supply of ethically sourced stem cells that can reliably produce growth factors and exosomes. 

While there continues to be tremendous untapped potential, initial studies by Calecim have indicated there’s extensive value in using this patented technology to help speed up post-laser skin rejuvenation, stimulate new skin cell growth, and wake up dormant hair follicles to serve as a powerful male and female hair loss treatment.

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