The Importance of Email Deliverability for Local Businesses and Retailers

For local businesses and retailers, the significance of email deliverability cannot be overstated. This digital communication tool is a lifeline to their customer base, fostering connections that drive sales. It reveals an alarming fact: 75% of subscribers will delete an email if it isn't mobile-friendly. A robust email strategy, therefore, not only supports marketing efforts but also enhances subscriber engagement.

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Email Engagement Supports Marketing Efforts

An effective email campaign can dramatically boost your business's visibility in the marketplace. It helps build trust with potential customers while maintaining relationships with existing ones. In essence, improving your delivery rates translates into better brand recognition and increased revenue generation.

The ROI Potential of Polished Emails

Poorly crafted emails often end up in spam folders or are ignored by recipients. On the other hand, well-designed transactional emails have higher open rates leading to improved conversionsâa testament to their ROI potential.

Now that we understand why high-quality emails matter let's delve deeper into common issues impacting small businesses' ability to reach their audience effectively via this channelâour next topic under discussion.

Best Practices to Improve Email Deliverability for Local Businesses

Email deliverability is a cornerstone of successful email marketing efforts and brand promotion.

To improve your delivery rates, it's crucial to follow industry standard best practices that build trust with both subscribers and internet service providers (ISPs).

The Role of Professional Email Testing

Using professional platforms like this tool, can significantly enhance your email strategy.

Such tools offer dedicated specialists who provide insights into potential deliverability issues before they impact your campaigns.

Obtain consent from recipients before sending emails. This not only improves subscriber engagement but also aligns with anti-spam laws.

Maintain a clean list by regularly removing inactive or unresponsive contacts which helps reduce spam complaints and bounces rate.

A/B testing subject lines, content layout, call-to-actions etc., allows you to understand what resonates best with your audience thereby increasing open rates and click-through-rates (CTR).

Next up in our guide on improving the success rate of local businesses' email marketing initiatives: regular audits. Their importance cannot be overstated when aiming for high-quality transactional emails delivered straight into the recipient's inbox without any hiccups.

Common Email Deliverability Issues Faced by Small Businesses

Email deliverability is a significant concern for small businesses and local retailers.

Their marketing emails often face hurdles that can impact their overall email strategy, leading to reduced delivery rates. 

Sending Emails from Unauthenticated Domains

A common mistake made by many small business owners involves sending emails from domains like Gmail or Yahoo.

This practice may seem convenient but it's seen as unprofessional and unauthenticated by internet service providers (ISPs).

Inclusion of Exposed URLs in Emails

An exposed URL within an email body could be flagged as a phishing attempt.

SendGrid, one such professional platform, advises against this approach due to the potential risk it poses on your sender reputation.

The Use of Image-Heavy or Image-Only Content

Emails with excessive images are likely to raise red flags among ISPs resulting in lower deliverability rate.

Impact of Spam-like Content on Deliverability Rate

Your subject line plays a critical role in whether your message lands into the inbox or spam folder.

Mimicking characteristics commonly found in spam messages triggers ISP filters which lead to serious email deliverability issues. SendGrid provides some useful tips here.


Email deliverability can make or break your marketing efforts as a local business or retailer.

From understanding common issues like unauthenticated domains and spam-like content to grasping the significance of SPF, DMARC, and Google Postmaster Tools - it's all part of the game.

The role of professional email platforms cannot be overstated in enhancing delivery rates.

Regular audits are crucial for keeping your strategy on track and avoiding pitfalls that could harm your reputation.

Above all, remember that personalization is key: know your audience, segment them wisely, test different approaches - these are some best practices to swear by!

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