4 Positive Ways to Commemorate the Death of a Loved One

When you lose someone you love in your life, whether that be a parent, a sibling (or indeed any other family member you have a strong connection with), or a close friend, it can be one of the hardest experiences you will ever have to go through. 

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Grief, as you will already be aware, has several different components; and whereas some people follow the textbook passageway through each stage, others jump straight to anger and in some cases, quickly move to acceptance.

No matter when you lost your loved one, if you are looking for some positive ways to commemorate their life, their memory, and their impact on the world, then you should continue reading. 

     1.  Raise Money for a Cause Close to Them 

One fabulous and positive way to commemorate the name and memory of your loved one is to raise money for a specific charity or cause that you know was always dear to their hearts. 

Follow these tried, tested, and proven-to-be effective tips for fundraising and conduct some research into the wide variety of ways to raise funds, either on your own or by involving family, friends, or even members of the local community. 

     2.  A Small and Meaningful Tattoo

A considerably more private and personal way to carry the memory and presence of your deceased loved one around with you in an altogether practical way would be to consider having a tattoo.

Now, you may well be more than familiar with tattoos and even have one or more already—and if so, then you will probably be warmer to the idea than if you have never even set foot in a tattoo parlor before.

Small and decorative tattoo ideas for your dad who has passed away, for example, include:

His signature on the inside of your wrist

“Dad” in white ink on the back of your neck 

His favorite bird

An image from his favorite TV or movie series 

     3.  Hold a Family Meal Every Week

If you still live with your parents and siblings, or indeed live close enough that you are able to visit them often, then another example of a slightly more community-based way of honoring and remembering a loved one who has passed away is to celebrate their life with family.

Perhaps your loved one absolutely adored spaghetti bolognese; you could have an Italian meal every Friday evening, whereby all the family gather and even though you may not explicitly dedicate each meal to them, it will be in their honor. 

     4.    Plant a Tree

The fourth and final suggestion for a positive way to honor someone close to you who has passed away, either recently or many years ago, is one that will also encourage you to get outside, which is beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Planting a tree sapling—either in your private garden, a community allotment, or in another public area—is a beautiful way for your loved one’s memory to positively live on, quite literally, through the growth of the tree. 

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