Top 25 Record Stores In Europe

Europe, with its rich musical history and diverse cultures, is home to some of the world's most iconic record stores. From historic shops that have been around for decades to modern hubs of vinyl culture, Robert Halvari from the Notes On Vinyl Website provides this guide to the top 25 record stores in Europe:

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Rough Trade East, London, UK: Located in the vibrant area of Brick Lane, Rough Trade East is one of the largest and most well-known record stores in the UK.

Phonica Records, London, UK: A haven for electronic music enthusiasts, Phonica is renowned for its vast collection and knowledgeable staff.

Hard Wax, Berlin, Germany: Established in 1989, Hard Wax is a cornerstone of Berlin's techno scene.

Spacehall, Berlin, Germany: A must-visit for vinyl lovers, offering a wide range of genres from techno to jazz.

Rush Hour, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Beyond its extensive vinyl collection, Rush Hour also boasts its own influential record label.

Clone, Rotterdam, Netherlands: A store that has grown into a record label, distributor, and more, Clone is a hub for electronic music.

12 Tónar, Reykjavik, Iceland: A cozy store that encourages you to sit down, have a coffee, and listen to music. It's also a small label that has launched several Icelandic artists.

Lucky Records, Reykjavik, Iceland: The largest record store in Iceland, offering a vast selection of both new and second-hand vinyl.

Sound Metaphors, Berlin, Germany: A relatively newer store, but quickly became a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Disk Union, Tokyo, Japan: Though not in Europe, it's worth mentioning this iconic chain from Tokyo known globally for its extensive collection.

Jazz Messengers, Barcelona, Spain: A paradise for jazz lovers, this store has been serving vinyl enthusiasts for decades.

Mona Musique, Paris, France: A hidden gem in Paris, known for its curated selection of world music.

Vinyl Factory, Athens, Greece: A favorite among locals, offering a diverse range of genres and friendly staff.

Record Mania, Stockholm, Sweden: A legendary spot for rare grooves and hard-to-find records.

Big Dipper, Oslo, Norway: A staple in Oslo's vinyl scene, known for its rock and pop selections.

Music Avenue, Brussels, Belgium: From rock classics to modern hits, Music Avenue has something for every vinyl enthusiast.

Serendeepity, Milan, Italy: A modern store with a focus on electronic and indie music.

Dodo Beach, Istanbul, Turkey: A haven for vinyl lovers in Istanbul, offering a vast selection across genres.

BIOKIP, Dubrovnik, Croatia: A small but well-curated store, known for its collection of electronic music.

Levykauppa Äx, Helsinki, Finland: A chain of Finnish record stores known for its vast collection and friendly staff.

Waxwell Records, Amsterdam, Netherlands: A treasure trove for crate diggers, offering a mix of classics and rarities.

Green Vinyl, Breda, Netherlands: Not just a store, but also a vinyl pressing plant.

Balades Sonores, Paris, France: A beautifully designed store with a focus on indie and alternative music.

OYE Records, Berlin, Germany: A favorite among electronic music enthusiasts, known for its curated selection.

Piccadilly Records, Manchester, UK: Established in 1978, this store has been serving music lovers for decades with its extensive collection across genres.


Europe's record stores are more than just retail spaces; they're cultural hubs, places of discovery, and often, historic landmarks in their own right. Whether you're a seasoned crate digger or new to the world of vinyl, these stores offer a unique journey through the rich tapestry of music.

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