How Does a Cryo Fat Reduction Machine Work?

Many people have stubborn fat on their bodies that they struggle to get rid of. Even with a great diet and the seemingly right amount of exercise, they can’t seem to get the lean physique they desire. Thankfully, technological advancements have led to a solution. 

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Cryo fat reduction machines are innovative devices that help target and remove unwanted fat from the body. But how does this machine actually work? Keep reading to learn more about this incredible machine and its benefits. 

The Science Behind Cryo Fat Reduction

Cryo fat reduction is based on the idea that you can freeze fat cells to cause cell death. This is also called cryolipolysis. Fat cells are vulnerable to cold temperatures, more than the other bodily tissues around them. A cryo fat reduction machine like the Cryo-Lean 360 works to take the fat cells and expose them to very low temps so that they die, break down, and are eliminated over time from the body. This waste goes out through the lymphatic system. 

The Cryo Fat Reduction Procedure

The process of breaking down fat is actually very simple. It also doesn’t involve any invasive surgical cuts or even anesthesia. It starts with a consultation with someone certified as a specialist in cryo fat reduction. In this session, people discuss their goals and health background to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. 

Once you know you can start, the specialist applies a gel pad to the region they will be targeting. This pad offers protection from the extremely cold temperatures of the machine. A specialized applicator is then placed, and a vacuum seal is made to ensure a controlled cooling experience

The cooling happens gradually to the area where you are trying to reduce fat. You will feel the cold and a little pressure from the seal, but for most, this is just minor discomfort. The magic happens next. Fat cells are destroyed over the next 35 to 60 minutes. As those cells in the treated area get colder, the cell death process is initiated. Because the tissues around the fat are not harmed, it becomes a safe and non-invasive option to reduce fat. 

When the cooling phase is over, you may receive a brief massage to the treatment area. This accelerated the breakdown of any crystallized fat cells to improve the results. Most people can even return to their regular activities right away. Others may experience some minor swelling and redness, but this usually goes away in a few days. 

Where Does the Eliminated Fat Go? 

The fat cells that die during the session don’t just disappear immediately like in liposuction sessions. Instead, they are slowly removed from your body using the lymphatic system. This system is important because it helps to filter waste and even manages the fluid levels in the body. The remnants of the destroyed fat cells are carried away with all the other debris. 


The great thing about cryo fat reduction machines is that they are changing the ways that people approach body contouring and fat spot reduction. Controlled cooling is far less invasive and more affordable than liposuction and other invasive and painful procedures. It’s a game changer for people who want better contouring on their bodies. 

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